Figure 2.1 An SRAM module in .NET

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Figure 8.30 Layout and cross-sectional views though a triple-poly, virtual ground flash cell.
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1. Open the Security Center window.
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Viewing photos and videos is part of Windows Vista s multimedia experience, and with Windows Photo Gallery you can do it in a myriad of ways. When you first fire up the application, it looks around the hard drive for image files. It then instantly organizes them into a sheet of thumbnails that you can sort in a number of ways (see Figure 16.22).
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Although many of today s digital cameras include features meant to provide you with the best possible digital images available, sometimes you still need (or want) to make adjustments to your photos. With Windows Photo Gallery, you can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and rotation of any image. Here s how:
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Camera Settings
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Adding more dimensions and annotations
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Speech Coding
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Delivery Mechanisms for XSS Attacks Delivering Reflected and DOM-Based XSS Attacks Delivering Stored XSS Attacks Finding and Exploiting XSS Vulnerabilities Finding and Exploiting Reflected XSS Vulnerabilities Finding and Exploiting Stored XSS Vulnerabilities Finding and Exploiting DOM-Based XSS Vulnerabilities HttpOnly Cookies and Cross-Site Tracing Preventing XSS Attacks Preventing Reflected and Stored XSS Preventing DOM-Based XSS Preventing XST 399 399 400 401 402 415 417 421 423 423 427 428
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A protocol that allows a computer to be assigned an IP address automatically without manual configuration at a local server.
1. Open Performance Monitor and click the large, green plus sign on the toolbar at the top of this screen. This opens the Add Counters window, as shown in Figure 10-15.
Part I
Music, Movies, Video, and Audio
For more information about backup routines and options, see 16. n
Ontology Management: Storing, Aligning and Maintaining Ontologies
Although you can theoretically zip images and even videos, many images, such as GIFs and JPEGs, do not compress much at all. Therefore, you do not notice much of a reduction in their file sizes when they are compressed.
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