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Figure 7.20. The Certificate window of the Certificate Manager.
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Managing Network Connections
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In previous versions of Internet Explorer, the Favorites folder provided a place in the sys tem where you could save links, or shortcuts, to your favorite Web sites. Favorites were typically accessed in Internet Explorer via the Favorites menu. Now, in IE 8, Microsoft provides two places where you can manage Favorites: the Favorites Center, which debuted in IE 7, and the new Favorites Bar.
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Enabling and disabling compression
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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If you have a high-speed connection to the Internet, you can use Rhythmbox to listen to streaming music and podcasts. A podcast is an audio file available for easy downloading or playing directly from a web site. The name podcast originally referred to files compatible with the popular Apple iPod portable music player, but the name now applies to any multimedia file distributed over the Internet for playback on a portable audio device or personal computer. Clicking the Radio link in the Library section displays a list of Internet radio sites configured for playback in Rhythmbox, as shown in Figure 11-9.
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ExecutablePath (Public Static Property)
DRAM architecture can also take advantage of the low body effect found in SO1 devices. Indeed, bulk pass transistors stiffer from body effect during the storage capacitor charging state such that the word line voltage has to be boosted to VWL = Vth + Vd, + AV, where AV compensates for the Vth increase in the bulk pass transistor design. Thus the body effect becomes a major issue in bulk pass transistor design. 134 The use of fully depleted SOl significantly improves the performance of pass gates because of the low body effect found in SOI devices. In contrast to what happens in a bulk device, the body potential of a partially depleted transistor follows the source node potential during the charging, so that the body-to-source potential difference is kept at a constant value. For fully depleted SOl transistors there is no body-potentiil change. Therefore, SO1 transistors have a higher charging efficiency than bulk trar s istors. If the charging current is designed to be 1 gA/ltm, then the charging efficiency. defined as the ratio of source (the storage node) voltage at 1 itA/[tm to the drain (the bit line) voltage, is 80% for bulk transistors, and 88% and 98% for partially depleted and fully depleted transistors, respectively (Fig. 5.37). The higher charging efficiency of SO transistors results in higher programming speed for the DRAM cell. At time t = 1ns after being activated by the word line, a fully depleted transistor can transfer 10 times more charge than a bulk transistor. For a bulk pass transistor to have the same charging efficiency as an SO1 transistor, the word line voltage has to be increased during the charging. As shown in Figure 5.37, to reach a 90% charging efficiency, the gate voltage of a bulk transistor has to be 0.6 V higher than that of a fully depleted SO1 MOSFET. Such an increased word line voltage can degrade gate oxide integrity and is also not favorable 34 1 for low-power operation.
Microsoft continues the use of ClearType technology in Windows Vista. First introduced in Windows XP, this feature is now turned on by default (unlike in XP). What is it all about Laptop users, as well as desktop users with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, have long complained about how fonts appear. Fonts appear perfectly well at certain resolutions, but are horrible at order. Many monitors work well at 1024 x 768; however, pricier monitors can support greater resolutions. What is essential is that you find a resolution that is comfortable for your vision and where the icons don t appear fuzzy. The problem with LCD screens wasn t the fonts, but the technology. Liquid crystals are larger than CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display pixels, and are square-like in shape instead of round. As a result, screen objects can appear blurry because some of the crystals try to display only part of each image. Fortunately, CRT monitors are becoming less and less the norm, while LCD is increasingly popular. These types of screens are found in laptops, Tablet PCs, and in flat-panel screens (for computer and television). As we mentioned earlier, ClearType has been around since the Windows XP days. Microsoft wisely opted not to activate it by default because, at the time, CRT monitors still ruled the day. Since the average Windows user probably uses the out-of-the-box configurations, many people either didn t know it was there (Microsoft s fault) or didn t bother to enable this feature. Inside Scoop
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Network Performance
If the decision is wrong, obviouslythe estimated channel coefficient would beinaccurate. The effect of erroneous decisions is mitigated by the smoothing filter, which will suppress the effects of an occasional glitch due to the incorrect channel estimates. In the event that the smoothing filter is unable to average outthe channel coefficient errors and its output is a complex channelcoefficient, which is far from the actual value, then this error may propagate through the data stream, since the correct decoding of each data symbol is dependent on the accuracy of the previous channel coefficient estimates. In order to prevent this from happening, the smoothing process is reset when the next block of pilot symbols arrives. The averaging processwill recommence with the pilot symbol-assisted channel estimates. The schematic diagram shownin Figure 1.15 is only one of the few possibilities of implementing a decision-directed PSA channel estimation arrangement. This structure is also known as a decision-feedback PSA channel estimator becausethe estimated channelcoefficient is used for compensating the channel s effects for the next symbol. In another version of this algorithm, shown in Figure 1.16, a tentative decision, & ( k ) is carried out concerning , the current symbol, s ( k ) , using the pilot symbol-assisted estimate, & * ( k ) . Using this tentative decision concerning the received symbol s ( k ) , its corresponding channel coefficient estimate, & ( k ) ,is derived fromthe product of 6*( k ) and s ( k ) in Figure 1.15 and averaged or smoothed with the aid of the previous estimates. The output of the smoothing filter is then multiplied withthe received signal s ( k ) again, in order to compensate the channel attenuation
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