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Data Rate (Mb/s) 10.8 14.4 14.4 21.6
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Adding Curves to Your Edges
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Expressions (12.286) and (12.287) show that the three small capacitors, Cgb, Csb, and Cdb, increase the capacitance of Cgs up to that of C gs with an amount of Cgb and Csb,g in series and forms a new capacitor Cds by Cdb and Csb,d in series.
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Maintainable and Manageable Packages
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Similar to the WP_Scripts class included in class.wp-scripts.php, this class extends WP_ Dependencies. It is an abstraction of the style enqueue API.
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The output from the scanner is observed with a spectrum analyzer. Images of the electromagnetic field serve as a useful diagnostic tool. They enable the user to visually see where potential emissions are located. Measurements are performed in the reactive near-field region of the PCB. The energy is inductively coupled to the loop probes. High-current, low-voltage sources are associated mainly with magnetic fields. The low-impedance designs associated with most of today s logic families (i.e., 50 or less) appear as high-current, low-voltage devices. Therefore, the small magnetic loop probes are ideal for measuring reactive magnetic near fields. The close proximity of the scanner to the PCB makes this measurement technique slightly invasive in nature. Correlation of near-field scanner results to far-field distance can be accomplished by building a calibration fixture. Essentially, this fixture is comprised of an isolated trace with 50 characteristic impedance between two connectors. With this fixture, one can obtain output data for a set level of current versus frequency. With knowledge of the current within the transmission line, one can then use Eq. (9.6) [12] to calculate the far-field radiation field strength. An example of both spectral and spatial plots is shown in Figure 9.47. E = 263 10 16( f 2AIs) 1 r (V/m) (9.6)
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Default templates are established at Tools Options Default Templates. The default templates must be in one of the paths specified in File Locations. Figure 1.14 shows the Default Templates settings.
Several forces have concerned to create a great deal of interest in TV distribution over IP networks. There is an undeniable and irreversible movement towards IP, in general. Telephone companies are aggressively deploying broadband local loop technologies in the local loop to support triple-play services comprising voice, Internet access, and TV. While copper-based ADSL has limited ability to support TV, VDSL certainly can support it over short distances. The telco trend is more towards optical ber in the loop, either directly from the Central Of ce (CO) to the premises in a Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) Passive Optical Network (PON) scenario or a hybrid Fiber-To-The-Neighborhood (FTTN) scenario that terminates ber in a neighborhood node and uses ADSL or VDSL over a short length of embedded copper cable from the node to the premises. Even full-rate ADSL supports enough bandwidth for at least one compressed video channel. VDSL and PON both support multiple channels. The telco IPTV approach differs considerably from that of traditional CATV networks. CATV networks support analog TV over 6-MHz channels allocated from the total 850-MHz spectrum typically supported over coax or hybrid ber/coax cable plant. The number of channels clearly is limited to the number of 6-MHz RF channels that can be derived from the available spectrum. As CATV networks are con gured as point-to-multipoint networks, each channel is delivered to every connected subscriber premises. The IPTV approach delivers each channel only to the subscriber premises that select to view it, whether one or hundreds do so. Over a PON local loop, the TV channel occupies a separate wavelength from the head end to the premises. In an FTTN scenario, the IPTV signal is converted from optical to electrical format at the neighborhood node and travels over Unshielded TwistedPair (UTP) copper cable plant the last few hundred meters or so. AT&T s Project Lightspeed, for example, calls for 20 25 Mbps to each of 300 500 subscriber premises connected to its ber-optic loops. Verizon s FiOS PON network offers 5, 15, and 30 Mbps, depending on subscriber preferences. Either network offers bandwidth suf cient to support multiple DTV and even HDTV channels, properly compressed. At the moment (9:05 A.M. PDT, May 21, 2007), however, the telco networks run video in uncompressed analog format over a separate wavelength at 1550 nm. The eventual conversion to IPTV speaks to compressed DTV, in packet format, likely still but not necessarily over a separate wavelength.
S21, S31 dB
Equalizer output
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The Sweep feature uses multiple sketches. A sweep is made from a profile (cross-section) and a path, and can create a boss or a cut feature. If you want, you can also use guide curves. Sweeps can run the gamut from simple to complex. Typical simple sweeps are used to create wire, tubing, or hose. Sweeps that are more complex are used for creating objects such as bottles, involutes, springs, and corkscrews.
Part 3: Managing Your Workstation
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