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S. G. Lee and J. K. Choi (2000) proposed a new mixer topology with current bleeding as shown in Figure 2.27. It is a single-balanced mixer, in which a p-channel transistor M4 functions as a bleeding current source as well as a part of the driver ampli er. This technology leads to better performance of conversion gain, linearity, noise gure, and LO isolation. Conversion gain and IP3 are proportional to the square root of the current owing into M1. Without the bleeding current owing through M4, the increase of the current owing into M1 must be traded off with the reduction of the load resistors RL1 and RL2. This results in the reduction of conversion gain and the value of IP3. With the bleeding current owing through M4, the increase of current owing into M1 does not have to be traded off with the reduction of the load resistors RL1 and RL2 since the increased current is owing through M4 but not M2 and M3. This results an increase of conversion gain and the value of IP3. Second, M4 is a part of the driver ampli er together with M1; the higher overall transconductance reduces the noise gure. Finally, the switching transistors M2 and M3 can be operated at a lower gatesource voltage or smaller size due to the bleeding current introduced, so that the lower LO injection is good enough to have the same performance as that in the case without bleeding current introduced. The experiment indicated that the performance of the mixer topology with bleeding current demonstrates an approximately 4 dB higher conversion gain, 0.9 dB lower noise gure, 2.4 dB higher IP3 at the output, and 3.3 dB lower LO injection than that of the conventional mixer.
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Figure 24-15: Make sure you don t wipe out anything important while restoring files.
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And at the end of this code, at the bottom of the file, I ve placed this comment:
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This powerful folder allows you to save searches. If you search your computer frequently for the same items or file types, save the search it ll end up here. You can invoke a search quickly by navigating to this folder and double-clicking the search you want.
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1. Using a drawing that you completed in one of the previous tutorials, make sure that a Revision Table Anchor has been placed in the upper-right corner of the Sheet Format. You must edit the Sheet Format to do this by RMB clicking the point that you want to use for the anchor. Remember to select Edit Sheet from the RMB menu to exit Edit Sheet Format mode.
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Figure 4.59: Call dropping probability performance versus mean carried traffic, for comparison of the
Automating Everything . . . Well, Almost!
Conclusions: Ontologydriven Knowledge Management Towards the Semantic Web
In this example, messages of severity 2 will be logged to the debug.txt file any time the server is running in debug mode, even if the global debug level is set higher. If the print-time option is enabled, the date and time will be logged. The printtime option should not be used with syslog, because syslog already prints the date and time. If print-category is selected, the category of the message will be also logged.
Power Line Harmonic Standards Date of Cessation of Presumption of Conformity of Superseded Standard Required 01.01.2001, not valid beyond 01.01.2004 May be applied at any time; mandatory 01.01.2004 May be applied at any time; mandatory 01.01.2004
Kondrashov, V.S. and Rothenberg, S.J. How to calculate lead concentration and concentration uncertainty in XRF in vivo bone lead analysis. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 2001a;55:799 803. Kondrashov, V.S. and Rothenberg, S.J. One approach for doublet deconvolution to improve reliability in spectra analysis for in vivo lead measurement. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 2001b;54:691 4. Kondrashov, V.S., Rothenberg, S.J., Sajo-Bohus, L., Greaves, E.D. and Liendo, J.A. Increasing reliability in gamma and X-ray spectral data analysis: least moduli approach. Nucl. Instrum Methods 2000:A446: 560 8. Lewis, D.G., Kilic, A. and Ogg, C.A. Computer aided design of a polarised source for in vivo X-ray uorescence analysis. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 1998;49:707 9. Liljensten, E.L., Attaelmanan, A.G., Larsson, C., LjusbergWahren, H., Danielsen, N., Hirsch, J.M. and Thomsen, P. Hydroxyapatite granule/carrier composites promote new bone formation in cortical defects. Clin. Implant. Dent. Relat. Res. 2000;2(1):50 9. Liu, N.Q., Xu, Q., Hou, X.L., Liu, P.S., Chai, Z.F., Zhu, L., Zhao, Z.Y., Wang, Z.H. and Li, Y.F. The distribution patterns of trace elements in the brain and erythrocytes in a rat experimental model of iodine de ciency. Brain Res. Bull. 2001;55:309 12. MacPherson, A. and Bacs , J. Relationship of hair calcium o concentration to incidence of coronary heart disease. Sci. Total Environ. 2000;255:11 9. Majewska, U., Braziewicz, J., Banas, D., Kubala-Kukus, A., Kucharzewski, M., Waler, J., Gozdz, S. and Wudarczyk, J. Zn concentration in thyroid tissue and whole blood of women with different diseases of thyroid. Biol. Trace Elem. Res. 2001;80:193 9. Mann, S.E., Ringo, M.C., Shea-McCarthy, G., Penner-Hahn, J. and Evans, C.E. Element-speci c detection in capillary electrophoresis using X-ray uorescence spectroscopy. Anal. Chem. 2000;72:1754 8. Markowitz, M.E. and Shen, X.M. Assessment of bone lead during pregnancy: a pilot study. Environ. Res. 2001;85:83 9. McNeill, F. in vivo precision in 109 Cd K X-ray uorescence bone lead measurements: Implications for populations studies. Abstract at 4th Topical Meeting on Industrial Radiation and Radioisotope Measurement Applications (IRRMA), Raleigh, NC, 1999. McNeill, F.E. and Chettle, D.R. Improvements to the in vivo measurement of cadmium in the kidney by neutron activation analysis. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 1998;49:699 700. McNeill, F.E. and O Meara, J.M. The in vivo measurement of trace heavy metals by K X-ray uorescence. Adv. X-ray Anal. 1999;41:910 21. McNeill, F.E., Stokes, L., Chettle, D.R. and Kaye, W.E. Factors affecting in vivo measurement precision and accuracy of 109 Cd K x-ray uorescence measurements. Phys. Med. Biol. 1999;44:2263 73. McNeill, F.E., Stokes, L., Brito, J.A., Chettle, D.R. and Kaye, W.E. 109 Cd K x ray uorescence measurements of tibial lead content in young adults exposed to lead in early childhood. Occup. Environ. Med. 2000;57:465 71.
Requirements, Concept, LCI LCI LCI LCI Architecture, Design-to, LCI Design-to LCI LCI LCI LCI Architecture Verification Requirements Concept Build-to, and Design-to LCI Artifacts LCI LCI Architecture Plans LCI Requirements Concept Design-to LCI and Validation LCI LCI Architecture Artifacts Requirements Concept Design-to Architecture Artifacts Requirements Concept Artifacts
This class provides a generalized and abstracted logging facility. Logging can be sent to PHP (returned as a variable), written to a file, echoed to the display, or printed to the console. It can also be configured to catch specific types of errors such as warnings.
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