The new xHTML language borrows heavily from the principles of another markup language called eXtensible Markup Language, or XML. XML is used as a means to transmit data in a standard, easily digested format. The tags that XML uses are specific to the type of data being transmitted. For example, this is what an XML document for an address book might look like:
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Value (Public Instance Property)
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14. Set the router s crossover switch to the NORMAL setting (see Figure 4.11). You d use the other setting, UPLINK, only if you were connecting your router to another hub. We re going to use the router s built-in hub to connect all the PCs to the DSL line.
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Since the short-time Fourier transform is complex-valued in general, we often use the so-called spectrogrum for display purposes or for further processing stages. This is the squared magnitude of the short-time Fourier transform:
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The GetLowerBound function You use the GetLowerBound function to find the lower bound of the specified dimension of an array. However, because the lower bound of an array is always 0, this function will always return 0. It also takes the dimension for which the lower bound is to be found as a parameter. The syntax is Array_name.GetLowerBound(Dimension) In the preceding syntax Array_name refers to the name of the array for which the lower bound is to be found. Dimension refers to the dimension number for which the lower bound is to be found. You use 0 for the first dimension, 1 for the second dimension, and so on. Consider the following example, which uses the GetLowerBound function: Dim var1(10, 20, 30) as String Dim Result as Integer Result = var1.GetLowerBound (0) Result = var1.GetLowerBound (1) Result = var1.GetLowerBound (2) 'Returns 0 'Returns 0 'Returns 0
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If you don t want to throw any memory away, then take the number of available slots, multiply by the maximum size per slot (as detailed in your user manual), and add that number to your present capacity. That s your ceiling. On the other hand, if you don t mind discarding what s already there, you may be able to get even more capacity by upgrading from, say, a 32MB module to a 64MB or 128MB module.
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Although it s considered poor practice to include spaces within the names of database objects, some database developers don t follow this guideline. If this is the case, square brackets are required when specifying the database object. The Order Details table in the Northwind sample database illustrates this:
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discussion leader at forums. Demonstrate that you re taking your position in the profession to higher and higher levels of excellence. Find a mentor. While many HR departments support mentoring programs, few of the professionals take advantage of them themselves. Identify a strong line manager who can serve to guide you and support you as an internal consultant and advisor. Become a strong coach. This is the converse of the previous point. Executive coaching has developed quite a bit of cachet, but is no fad. Executives have been coached by trusted advisors for as long as I ve been in this profession. It s simply more recognized and publicly acceptable now (a sign of strength, not of weakness). There is no more valued internal consultant than the one who can serve as a discreet, intimate, and personal coach to powerful people.
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$99.95 $159.00 $199.00 $259.00
The Aligned Section view takes two separate sections at right angles to one another and lays them out flat on the page. It is essentially two partial sections that display side by side. The section lines look identical to those shown in Figure 21.10, but the resulting view is different, as shown in Figure 21.11. The finished view aligns with the selected sketch element.
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