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After you set up your Windows Mail account, you can begin corresponding with friends, family, and colleagues through Vista s built-in e-mail system. The process for creating a Windows Mail message is similar to that of any other e-mail program.
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In this example, EXCEL TO THE TOP was typed. As you type, the WordArt text automatically sizes itself.
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ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework, which means that the entire framework is available for your ASP.NET application. Don't let the ASP.NET name fool you, though. This is not Active Server Pages 4.0, but a new and exciting way of populating data and controls onto Web pages. ASP.NET is used to build Web Forms and Web Services. When Microsoft introduced ASP 3.0 with Windows 2000 and Internet Information Server 5.0, it was a small extension from ASP 2.0. With this introduction of ASP 3.0, there were some additional objects added (for example, ASPError object). There were also some changes made to performance, as well as new commands such as Server.Execute and Server.Transfer. ASP 3.0 used VBScript 5.0 or JScript 5.0, and this confined developers to the limited capabilities of these scripting languages. With ASP.NET, Microsoft set aside VBScript, and allowed developers to use richer languages to develop server-side code. Developers can now use VB .NET, C#, or JScript .NET to code their Web pages. This chapter will focus on using VB .NET for Web development.
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25: Using BackPress as a Development Framework . . . . . . . . . 437
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System Accept & Deliver
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MaximumSizeChanged (Public Instance Event)
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The file should contain one keyword per line and the first keyword to appear should be the install_type keyword. The first two lines in the preceding code are comments that help identify the use of this profile. The next two lines describe the type of installation and the type of the system. The three filesys lines specify that the system should use the 0th partition on disk 0 for the root file system, that the system should create a 512 MB swap partition on the system disk, and that the system should build the /usr file system on any disk and allocate file space automatically. The SUNWCprog line is requesting the developer cluster. The dontuse keyword specifies that the disk listed should not be affected in any way by the installation. Profiles should be root-owned and their permissions set to 644.
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Introduction to ASP.NET
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Note: This choice is disabled if there are no hidden slides in the presentation.
Siemens, as unit of admittance, 103 SiGe, see Silicon germanium Signal control components, 233 240 Signal/noise ratio, 193 197, 322 Signal-to-noise requirement, of communication system, 116 118 Silicon carbide, 264 Silicon germanium, 27, 294 SMA, see Subminiature version A (coaxial RF connectors) Smith chart Admittance plane, 103 104 Admittance plane, 105 106 Derivation of, 89 94 Impedance plane, 99 103 Matching calculations with, 99 110 Matching, 87 88 Plotting mismatches on, 94 98 Reactance, 92 95 Rotation around, 86 88 Susceptance, 103 104 Unity resistance circle, 94 95 Smith chart software, 106 111 SOC, see System on a chip Software for calculating overall receiver performance, 379 383 SOLT, see Short, open, load, and through Source, of FET, 265 Spectrum analyzer, 14, 16 17, 167 181 Square log range, of detector, 131 134 Standing wave ratio, 84 85 Subminiature version A (coaxial RF connectors), 201 Super high frequency, 65 67 Surface acoustic wave, 310 311 Susceptance, on Smith chart, see Smith Chart: susceptance Swap-equal adapters, 162 Switch, PIN, 236 240 SWR, 81 82 SWR, see Standing wave ratio System on a chip, 39 41, 387 TDD, see Time division duplexing TDMA, see Time division multiple access Thermal noise, 321 Third Generation (3G) cellular phones, 424 425
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Start drawing a plate with holes.
25.5.4 Spreading and Modulation in the Downlink
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