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Part II
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Figure 10.5 Variation of reactance when impedance matching network is inserted with one part, either inductor or capacitor, in series.
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CHAPTER 5 Printers
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Figure 11.24 The magnitudes (dB) of S11, S22, S33 after the impedances at IF (port 1), RF (port 2), and LO (port 3) have been matched.
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The clear requirements for an economical, high-performance digital CMOS technology have resulted in a broadly accepted roadmap as formulated by the Semiconductor Industry Association. 4' 5 The SIA Roadmap is generally accepted as the dominant direction for CMOS digital technology. It predicts the expected IC products and required material, process, and equipment needs. The roadmap is based on the extrapolation of the reduction of feature size (Moore's law) and expected computer components. Much more functionality in addition to the present integration density is expected. On the basis of these possibilities, existing and new electronic consumer systems are evolving at a pace of one generation per year. Table 11.2 shows a number of applications and some characteristic numbers. The resolution (N) refers to the number of binary bits that corresponds to a signal sample, while the sample rate (f,) indicates the succession speed of the signal samples. The bandwidth together with the resolution reflects the information density of the application. This list of applications suggests a wide variety of functions that have to be performed. Many applications, however, use only a few basic mathematical functions. If the incoming data at a moment in time t = nT, are denoted as X(n), which is a sequence of signals samples spaced at sample intervals T, = 1/f, and Y(n) is the result value of operations on this sequence, then a number of operations 6 can be formulated:
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Curve Driven Pattern
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sample was converted into a poly-Si lm, with the other samples remaining amorphous. The resistivity decreased rapidly just as the lm became polycrystalline. However, the dopant atoms are activated and the resistivity decreases somewhat even in the amorphous lms formed by RTA. Figure 5.18 shows the relationship between the resistivity and phosphorus concentration of the initial solution for the lm formed from various solutions and heated under the same polycrystallizing RTA conditions (750 C for 5 min). As the initial phosphorus concentration increases, the resistivity decreases down to 2.1 m cm. The lm formed from a 1-wt% postpolymerization addition solution and the lm formed from a 0.01-wt% copolymerized solution exhibit almost the same resistivity, which is reasonable since the two lms have almost the same amount of phosphorus atoms, as shown in Fig. 5.16. To apply these doped-silicon lms to the source and drain regions of poly-Si TFTs, the initial concentration of 0.1 1 wt% will be suf cient in the case of the copolymerized solution for this heating condition. Finally, we tried to activate dopant atoms using pulsed laser irradiation, which is effective in lowering the process temperature. The light source was a 308-nm XeCl excimer laser, which is a standard source for crystallizing a-Si lms used in the LTPS process.19 A test sample of 76 nm thickness, prepared from the copolymerized solution (1-wt% phosphorus, 30-min UV irradiation, 500 C 2 hr annealing), was irradiated using a XeCl laser at various intensities to activate the dopant atoms. Figure 5.19 shows the relationship between the
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They found values of approx 10-16 for Gh and 10- 13 10-15 cm 2 for Ge. Localization of Damage Localization of the damage has also proved possible to detect using the CP technique. Heremans et al. 59 showed that it is possible to detect the presence of
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