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6 Photo Subjects
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Welcome to Windows 7 Secrets. We hope you enjoy combing through this book as much as we enjoyed digging deep into Windows 7 to find the most valuable information for you. Ultimately, Windows isn t just about the pieces that Microsoft ships on a disc; it also includes the satellite products and services that support the base OS. This book reflects that fact and, as a result, we hope you will find it more valuable and useful. Thanks for reading. Paul Thurrott
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2. Make your wp-content/ folder writable. You can do this by running chmod 755 wpcontent via SSH (Secure Shell) from your WordPress document root. You can also do this using your FTP client. 3. Ensure that a wp-cache-config.php exists in your wp-content/ folder. The Super Cache plugin will try to automatically create this. If something goes wrong, copy wpcache-config-sample.php from the plugin archive into the wp-content/ folder. 4. Ensure that an advanced-cache.php exists in your wp-content/ folder. If it doesn t, copy it from the plugin archive into the wp-content/ folder.
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Understanding fault tolerance
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Figure 18.11 shows various settings for displaying the icons in the Design Library. Which one you select will depend on your screen resolution, the number of icons that you want to display, and the quality of the preview images. n
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Global Temporary Tables
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1. Locate the document/image/photo you wish to capture.
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Add a second leader to the balloon for the short pin by Ctrl-dragging the attachment point for the first leader from one pin to the other.
Number of TX antennas
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Support, Stability, and Security
= 119.1 dBm ( 35 .9 dBm ) = 83.2 dB, (1.183)
In each Windows version, you can utilize a number of shell view styles, each of which presents the files and folders (and now, Libraries) you re looking at in a slightly different way. These view styles and the ways in which you access and configure them have changed again in Windows 7. For purposes of this discussion, we treat Libraries just like any other folders. It s just simpler that way, and the view styles work identically across folders and Libraries with one crucial exception, which we ll call out when appropriate.
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