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especially if more than one part of the PCB has the same clock frequency and harmonics. If there are ten 33-MHz clock traces and disabling only one trace removes the undesired energy, then the other nine traces are fine and only one trace needs attention. If radiating energy disappears when removing a particular cable from a PCB, an assumption can be made that the radiating mechanism is associated with two potential areas (source and/or load) including a potentially bad cable shield. From these actions, it is possible to determine which device, subassembly, or component is the offending source and the coupling or radiating mechanism. These same basic steps can be applied when attempting noise isolation at the component level. Begin by disconnecting internal cables to isolate which subassembly or which PCB is the potential source of the problem. Integrated circuit components can be isolated by unplugging, unsoldering, or lifting particular pins, disabling through software control, cutting traces between devices or circuit functions, and the like. Suspected noise paths can also be isolated by removing series components such as resistors. These steps can be performed in conjunction with near-field probes and a spectrum analyzer to see what happens, similar to when a cable, trace, or device is disconnected. 9.2.3 The Cable Disconnection Technique If one has a radiated emission problem, turning off power to individual devices or circuit sections will help isolate the source. Disconnecting cables may be necessary. These cables could also be internal if the unit is a self-contained system. Keep disconnecting cables one at a time until a drop in radiated emissions is noticed. The last disconnected cable, when a drop in emission is observed, is probably the propagating path. Apply filtering or shielding accordingly. Reconnect previously removed cables one at time and repeat the process until all the cables are reattached. If the noise level decreases by only a few decibels at a time (i.e., 3 6 dB) during the disconnection process, this usually implies that all the cables are probably contributing about equally and a solution must be applied to all or that one must probe the system in greater depth to locate the actual internal source. Hand-held probes and various other techniques discussed in this chapter can then be utilized to perform this task. Even after locating the source internally, some amount of filtering or shielding may still be necessary. If the problem persists after disconnecting all cables, then the source may be the AC power cord itself. If this is the case or if it is known that a conducted emission problem exists, determine if the noise is common mode or a differential mode and apply an appropriate filter solution. If filtering or shielding the power cord does not reduce radiated emission, then the emission is probably emanating directly from the case or enclosure. From a general standpoint, low-frequency (i.e., <200-MHz) radiated emissions or immunity problems are typically cable related due to the cable s physical length; the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength (an inverse relationship). Wavelength is a physical length representation of a frequency. Wires or structures become an efficient radiating source when their physical dimensions approach
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Yes. Click a heading or bullet item in the Outline pane. Press to demote the text, or press to promote it.
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850 MHz to 940 MHz BFQ67 (Manufactured by Siemens) V 3.48 mA 11.0 dB 1.8 dB 8.6 dBm dB 11.7 dB 17.0
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To grant access from the database point of view, use the New User Context Menu command under the Database Security Users node to open the Database User New form, shown in Figure 40-7. Enter the login to be added in the Login Name field. To search for a login, use the ellipses (...) button. You must enter a name by which the user will be known within the database in the User Name field.
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Design Intent is sometimes thought of as a static concept that controls changing geometry. However, this is not always the way things are. Design Intent itself often changes, thus requiring the way in which the model reacts to geometric changes to also change. Fortunately, SolidWorks has many tools to help you deal with situations like this.
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Figure 22.3-3. SAR PDUs for the AAL protocols.
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G ( z ) = ejp z L G ( z ) ,
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The following query is based on the Family sample database and calculates the mother s age at the birth of each child using the datediff() function:
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Using the Base Flange Method for Sheet Metal Parts
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Bing: A Different Way to Search
Organizing a Logical Domain Structure
Separate namespaces. Both namespaces, as shown in Figure 19-8, are registered. They cannot be joined and both represent DNS roots. In addition, one is an Active Directory root as well. Illegal namespace. The illegal namespace does not get you brought up on charges of Internet conspiracy. (Illegal network is a network term for an IP address range that cannot be used on the public Internet because it is already used by a registered owner.) If the name conforms to DNS standards and you have not registered it, it is illegal in a sense,
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