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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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As Figure 8.4 suggests, the transition of NIS to LDAP will eventually entail a remapping of NIS information into the LDAP structure.
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The Java Development Environment
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Best practices
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Once you set up specific groups that your user account belongs to, you can easily alter the privilege settings for files and folders using Nautilus. This allows you to share files and folders with other members of your group. This section walks through how Ubuntu handles file and folder permissions and shows you how to modify them on your system.
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TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership. In a nutshell, it means that the total cost of a computer, a network, an application, or an entire IT department, for that matter, greatly exceeds the cost of its acquisition. After the asset is acquired, it must be managed and kept up, and all the functions that keep the system going contribute toward TCO. Many habits of administrators can send TCO to the doghouse. A seemingly simple oversight can cause hours of downtime and cost the company thousands of dollars in consulting fees and technical support from Microsoft. Spending an excessive amount of money on support to resolve these issues is a good way to ensure that you are not around by the next service pack release. Almost all the items that we discuss in the following sections affect TCO. The two basic considerations Don t manage users, manage groups; and refuse new group requests.
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Fig. ll.3b
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Con guring advanced settings
Figure 7.7. You can set parameters for three different profiles: domain, private, public.
Practice Picture: I shot with the camera on Manual mode, and after a test shot at 2 seconds I set the shutter speed to 3 seconds and bracketed the exposure. On Your Own: Use the screen on the back of the camera to check the rst exposure as a basis for the following exposures. I also recommend bracketing the exposures and shooting as many shots as possible when the twilight is just right.
Figure 5.1-2. Signaling points. SEP, Signaling end point; STP, signal transfer point; STEP, combined end/transfer point; E, signaling point and exchange.
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Towards the Semantic Web
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