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Figure 23-5: The query analyzer in Visual Studio .NET automatically groups SQL statements into logical blocks that can be edited independently by using tools such as the query builder.
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Transform 8. Wavelet
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Apache is an extremely popular and versatile Web server. It acquired the name Apache because it was a homonym for a patchy server, meaning that it was extensible, not that it requires lots of patches to work. Apache has been around since April 1995 when the first public release became available. Apache is not only free, it s open source. This means that developers can obtain and modify the code for their use. The version included in Solaris 9 is 1.3.20.
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Solaris Volume Manager allows a volume to be expanded without downtime provided that the additional space is available. This is often referred to as growing a volume. Using the graphical interface or command-line counterparts, a system administrator can also create volumes that span multiple disks. Instead of replacing a series of small drives with a large drive, you can combine the drives into a single volume and get the same space with potentially better performance.
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Part I
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Creating and Using Libraries
his appendix is intended to help anyone who is getting started with SolidWorks, or who needs to rescue an existing but poorly implemented system. Everyone, from a single user to the CAD Administrator of a large installation, can benefit from reading this appendix. Your success with SolidWorks does not only depend on the functionality and quality of the software, or even on how thoroughly you know the software. It also depends on how you maintain the system, license it, install it, and manage the design data, as well as how well your methods are accepted in the rest of the organization. SolidWorks becomes the interface between the engineering department and the manufacturing, IT, project management, and documentation departments. All of these issues come together to describe the overall implementation and integration of SolidWorks into your business processes.
Dynamic disks are actual physical disks that can only be accessed using Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista. Unlike basic disks, dynamic disks can be used to create volumes than span multiple disks or to create fault tolerant (hardware or software that guarantees data integrity in case of hardware failure) volumes.
The WordPress professional mailing list is specifically for finding and hiring consultants who do paid WordPress work. It is setup so that parties seeking professional WordPress services can advertise their projects and solicit direct responses from WordPress service providers. The wp-pro mailing list is not designed to be a support forum or mailing list, and does not focus on WordPress development. Responses should be directed to the poster, not broadcast to the entire list. The wp-pro mailing list complements the list of providers of professional services listed at You can subscribe to the wp-pro mailing list at
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