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In our previousinvestigations we endeavoured to identify the soft handover algorithm, which supports the greatest number of users, at the best call quality, regardless of the propagation conditions. In this section we study the impact of adaptive antenna arrays on the network's performance. The investigations were conducted using the relative E c / I Obased soft handover algorithmin conjunction with T,,,=-lO dB and Tdrop=-18 dB, using a spreadingfactor of 16. Given that thechip rate of UTRA is 3.84 Mchips/sec, spreading factor corresponds this to a channel datarate of 3 . 8 4 106/16=240 kbps. Applying rate error correction coding ~ 1/2 would result in an effective data throughput of 120 kbps, whereas utilising a 2/3 rate error correction code would provide a useful throughput of 160 kps. As in the previous simulations, a cell radius of 150 m was assumed and a pedestrian walking velocity of 3 mph was used. In our previous results investigations employing adaptive antenna arrays at the base station and using a FDMA/TDMA based network, as in 4, we observed quite significant performance gains as a direct result of the interference rejection capabilities of the adaptive antennaarrays invoked. Sincethe CDMA based network considered here has a frequency reuse 1, the levels of co-channel of interference are significantly higher, and hence the adaptive antennasmay be able to null the interference more effectively. However, the greater number of interference sources may limit the achievable interference rejection. Network performance results were obtained using two andfour element adaptive antenna
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You have a couple of different ways to close browser tabs. You can close each tab individually by clicking its Close Tab button, or you can close all your open tabs at once by exiting the IE7 browser session. Which method you use depends upon where you are in the browsing process and whether you still want to view the contents of your other open Web pages. If you no longer need a specific Web site but you want to be able to view the rest of your open pages, close only the window you are finished with by clicking its Close Tab button (it is the square with the red x) located in the right corner of the browser tab (as shown in Figure 3-22). This method of closing tabs allows you to keep open the tabs that you are still using.
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If you re running Ubuntu (or any other Linux) on a machine that s also running another operating system, then you should pay close attention to this step! While the Use entire disk option is fine for machines (virtual or real) running only Linux, this is the step where you would partition the disk to preserve the other operating system. Ubuntu also helps with this step, but it s worth warning you: If you re not careful, you could lose important data here. Some distributions offer either a complete directory of software packages to install at this time or more simplified groups of software (with names such as Office Tools or Web Serving). Ubuntu takes the responsibility out of your hands on this one: If you re installing the Desktop version of the OS, you re getting a default installation that includes the most commonly used applications for a wide variety of uses. Once the installation is complete, the system reboots. At this point, you want to detach the virtual disk that you connected before installing; the easiest way is to click the tiny CD icon at the bottom of the virtual machine window and then choose your physical optical drive as the source. At last, you have your own Linux system, running as a virtual machine on your Mac, as shown in Figure 2.10! Take some time to explore the operating system a bit. Run the software updates that are offered to you, open some applications, and play some Mahjongg. You might also want to install the VirtualBox Linux Additions, a suite of drivers that make working with your virtual machine easier; you can mouse freely in and out of the Linux environment, you ll have better mouse control, and, best of all, you ll have decent screen resolution. Check the VirtualBox website for documentation on how to install the additions. After you ve had a chance to explore your new Linux OS, you re going to set it aside to learn about some of the basics of working with any Unix-based file system, whether that be Linux or Mac OS X.
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Error: The server will trigger an error and discard the record. Preserve: Stores the null value without change. A good way to choose between these settings is to consider how an average value should be calculated on the data for a given measure. If the best interpretation is averaging only the non-null values, then Preserve will yield that behavior. Otherwise, ZeroOrBlank will yield an average that considers null measures as zero. For dimensions, the NullProcessing property can take on an additional value: UnknownMember: Interprets the null value as the unknown member. The NullProcessing property appears in several contexts for dimensions: Each dimension attribute s NameColumn, if defined, contains NullProcessing as part of the source definition. This setting is used when a null name is encountered when building the dimension. Each dimension attribute s KeyColumns collection contains a NullProcessing property for every column in the collection. This setting is used when null key column(s) are encountered when building the dimension. Each cell on the Dimension Usage tab that relates a measure group and dimension via a regular relationship. The NullProcessing property is located on the Advanced (Measure Group Bindings) dialog, and is used when the related column in the fact table is null. For dimension attributes, the default setting of Automatic NullProcessing mostly results in blank members being created. Usually a better setting is UnknownMember if nulls are expected or Error if nulls are not expected. For dimension relationships, the default setting of Automatic NullProcessing is actually quite dangerous. As the key column is read as null, it will be converted to 0, which may be a valid key into some dimensions, causing null entries to be assigned to that member. Usually a better setting is UnknownMember if nulls are expected, or Error if nulls are not expected. Alternately, a dimension member could be created for a 0 key value and assigned a name such as Invalid to match the automatic processing behavior.
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$ Choose Edit Paste.
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If you re using a Media Center PC, or a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate edition and a TV tuner card that s connected to a TV signal, you have the capability to record TV shows (discussed in 15). TV shows recorded with Windows Media Center are visible in and playable by Windows Media Player as well, and appear in the media library when you select Recorded TV from the Navigation pane. Recorded TV works just like any other videos, as shown in Figure 11-24, but occupy a lot of disk space, thanks to Microsoft s use of an inefficient video codec.
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Functional domains comprise the spheres of in uence exerted by the various network elements that perform speci c tasks in a data network. Data terminal equipment, data communications equipment, communications software, switches, and transmission facilities all are physical elements of such a network, with each performing speci c functions and all supported by a signaling and control system. Since the general nature and speci cs of both circuit switches and signaling systems are explored in s 1 and 5, I will not repeat those discussions here. Please seek out the discussions in those earlier chapters for more information on those topics. 6.1.1 Data Terminal Equipment
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<script type= text/javascript language= Javascript charset= utf-8 > </script>
The Vista Enterprise edition is the older cousin to the Business edition. As far as your average user is concerned, they will not ever have access to the Enterprise edition. In other words, if you buy your operating systems, you will not be using the Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition is not available for retail purchase, nor is it available as an OEM (meaning that computers shipped with Microsoft Windows operating systems will not have this version). However, if you work for a large company or one that uses a significant number of Windows licenses, it is possible that you may use this edition of Microsoft Vista. If this is you, then this is what you need to know about Vista Enterprise: It features a multilingual user interface and is bundled with Virtual PC as well as a new drive encryption feature. If you work in a multilingual or international environment, you can use the Enterprise edition to change the language or dialog boxes and menus on the fly. Using the Virtual PC feature, you can emulate a foreign operating system in order to run applications. Finally, the Windows BitLockerTM Drive Encryption helps protect data in case your computer (especially laptops) is lost or stolen. Curiously, this new data protection feature is not available in Vista Business. If you want it, you ll need to pony up the dough and buy the Windows Vista Ultimate edition.
during the two extremes of balanced LO switching: (a) VLOI > VL02; (b) VLo0 VL02. <
Then 10Log10( f ) = 60 dB, Si,dB = 6 174 + 60 = 108 dBm, If R i = 50 , Ei = 10[ 108 30 +10 log(4 Ri )] 20 = 10 5.75 = 1.78 V , There are typically two ways to test the sensitivity of the receiver: 1) 12 dB SINAD Figure 18.14 shows the setup and the input signal from the generator for the testing of 12 dB SINAD sensitivity of receiver. The input signal power Si is provided by an RF signal generator. It is a FM modulated signal, in which the carrier of the desired frequency in the operating frequency range is modulated with a 1 kHz sinusoidal signal. At the beginning, the output power of the generator is turned off. It is then increased by very tiny increments at a slow speed. The SINAD value at the audio distortion meter will increase accordingly. Finally, the SINAD value is increased up to 12 dB as the input signal power from generator is increased. The corresponding value of the input signal power Si when the SINAD value reaches 12 dB is the sensitivity Ssen12, that is, (18.113) (18.114) (18.111) (18.112)
Figure 2-35: When upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, you will typically run Setup from within Windows Vista.
Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
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