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which implies that ZP and ZL are at extreme opposites respectively, that is, ZP , if ZL 0, ZP 0, if ZL , (14.35) (14.36)
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Physical Random Access CHannel (PRACH): it is used for the random access, i.e., MS communicating to the BS before a connection with scheduling has been established. Figure 27.14 summarizes the mapping between the channels.
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1. W. C. R ntgen. Sitzungsber. physikal.-medizin. Gesello schaft, 132, 1895. 2. A. Michette. Nature (London) 353, 510, 1991.
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Figure 18.2 De nition of power gain is based on the readings at the load in two cases when re ections do or do not exist.
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Adding a Pie Chart to a Report
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The screen resolution determines how many pixels the game will cram onto the screen. Games look richer and more detailed at higher resolutions, but cranking up the pixel count degrades performance. I consider 1024x768 to be the minimum acceptable resolution, and depending on how powerful the graphics card is in the computer I m playing on, I try to get it up to 1600x1200.
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Use caution in raising the domain functionality. After it s raised, the domain no longer supports legacy domains. A domain that is set to Windows Server 2008 for a domain functional level cannot add domains that are running Windows 2000 Server.
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The Jog feature puts a pair of opposing bends on a flange so that the end of the flange is parallel to, but offset from, the face where the jog started. The Jog PropertyManager and a sample jog are shown in Figure 29.19.
Global Functional Plane. The GFP decomposes services into a collection of service-independent building blocks (SIBs) that can be chained together to build services and service features [4]. SIBs are service-independent and global. Service independence means that a SIB can be used to build different services. Global means that SIBs are network-wide concepts, unaware of the network elements used to implement them, and of how their functionality may be distributed across those elements. Examples of SIBs are charge, compare, and basic call process. In this plane a service is realized by linking together multiple SIBs under the control of a subset of the service logic program. The SLP is broken into packages (one per service) called global service logic (GSL), which interact with instances of the basic call process (BCP), as shown in Fig. 18.1-3. The BCP is a special SIB that controls building and releasing connections and is an abstract monolithic process, unaware of how it may be distributed among functional entities. Instances of the BCP typically run in local exchanges (access nodes) that provide access to users.
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