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The disadvantage of at , format-based representation languages such as HTML, is that they rarely combine information about content (the text a writer wants to disseminate), and layout (the format in which this is to be done). In the case of HTML, this disadvantage has to be set against a rather easy to learn language, so that virtually anybody with web access can easily publish information, knowledge and opinions. Using an explicit representation language
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Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures
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Ontology Middleware and Reasoning
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Gaming on Windows Vista Ultimate
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The Big Picture
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Note: You can also move, cut, copy, and paste text in the Outline tab.
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group. Thus, only the appropriate global groups will be able to use Terminal Services on member servers. Tier-level OU administrators can directly control how Terminal Services sessions are used through OU-level Group Policy. Terminal server policy is not con gured in the EDC level (Tier 1) or in any of the domain-level policies. As an example, the Exch Admins global group must be a member of the Administrators built-in local group on all appropriate Exchange servers. All Exchange Server Terminal Services will be con gured to allow only <Domain> ExchAdmins and local Administrators terminal access to Exchange servers. The same con guration will apply to other role, line-of-business, or enterprise server servers. In other words, members of the Administrators built-in local groups on non-DCs are not subject to any interactive logon or Terminal Services restrictions.
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We ve already covered brief information about organic keywords. As you may remember, organic keywords are those that appear naturally on your web site and contribute to the search engine ranking of the page. By taking advantage of those organic keywords, you can improve your site rankings without putting out additional budget dollars. The problem, however, is that gaining organic ranking alone can take four to six months or longer. To help speed the time it takes to achieve good rankings, many organizations (or individuals) will use organic keywords in addition to some type of PPC (pay per click) or pay for inclusion service. To take advantage of organic keywords, you first need to know what those keywords are. One way to find out is to us a web-site metric application, like the one that Google provides. Some of these services track the keywords that push users to your site. When viewing the reports associated with keywords, you can quickly see how your PPC keywords draw traffic, and also what keywords in which you re not investing still draw traffic. Another way to discover what could possibly be organic keywords is to consider the words that would be associated with your web site, product, or business name. For example, a writer might include various keywords about the area in which she specializes, but one keyword she won t necessarily want to purchase is the word writer, which should be naturally occurring on the site. The word won t necessarily garner high traffic for you, but when that word is combined with more specific keywords, perhaps keywords that you acquire through a PPC service, the organic words can help to push traffic to your site. Going back to our writer example, if the writer specializes in writing about AJAX, the word writer might be an organic keyword, and AJAX might be a keyword that the writer bids for in a PPC service. Now, when potential visitors use a search engine to search for AJAX writer, the writer s site has a better chance of being listed higher in the results rankings. Of course, by using more specific terms related to AJAX in addition to writer, the chance is pretty good that the organic keyword combined with the PPC keywords will improve search rankings. So when you consider organic keywords, think of words that you might not be willing to spend your budget on, but that could help improve your search rankings, either alone or when combined with keywords that you are willing to invest in.
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