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FIGURE 18.37 You can tweak Security Zone settings from this tab.
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Active Directory Security Policy
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It keeps tabs on Windows Firewall, your antivirus program, Automatic Updates, Windows Defender, and other settings. Note that Automatic Updates is considered a security feature, as well as a feature to keep Windows Vista stable.
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Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is all about customization. It s ready to be the operating system you want it to be, and although it s packed with features (a great deal of which are enabled right from the start), you can change how most of them work and turn off those you don t need. You can adjust and personalize almost every aspect of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, from its visual appearance right down to its core set of services. Here are some of the minor and major items that you can change the properties or behavior of, along with the chapters of this book that explain them in detail: n Visual appearance and theme ( 5) n The screen saver ( 5) n The taskbar and Start Menu ( 5) n The Sidebar and its gadgets ( 8) n The Windows Aero interface ( 7) n Networking basics ( 12) n File and printer sharing ( 12) n System performance ( 28) n Parental Controls ( 11) n Security features ( 11) n Backing up data ( 10) n Optimization features ( 27) n Display properties (This chapter) n Audio properties (This chapter)
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Verification and Validation
When photos are taken at ISO speeds of 1600 and above, High ISO Noise Reduction is applied automatically. The amount of noise reduction is set at this menu choice. The default is Normal, but the noise reduction can also be set to High or Low, increasing or decreasing the amount of noise reduction applied to the image. The High setting causes the Continuous shooting speed to drop to 3.5 images per second.
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9. Click the Flatten button on the Sheet Metal toolbar. Notice that the Flat Pattern feature becomes unsuppressed and that the Bend Lines sketch under it is shown. This works just like it did in the Base Flange method. The finished part is shown in Figure 30.12.
T I P Use JumpStart or some other tool to facilitate installation of patches if
Public Sub Increment(ByVal Amount As Integer) Me.Value += Amount End Sub
FIGURE 13.27 Making conical faces coincident
The Boot File
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