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When you use configurations to display an assembly in various positions, you can do it a couple of ways: by changing mates or by changing a layout sketch. Mates are configurable in two ways: mates can be suppressed and unsuppressed, and angle and distance mate values are configurable in the same way that sketch dimensions are configurable. Although creating a mate scheme that enables you to reposition the assembly using mate suppression states and values is essential to this method, it may not be the best approach. Using a skeleton or layout sketch to mate parts may be a better approach, although this also has its drawbacks. If you mate to a layout sketch, you cannot make use of Dynamic Assembly Motion. If you use the mate scheme discussed previously, this generally means having a fully defined assembly, and this also does not allow for Dynamic Assembly Motion. As a compromise, a good way to handle this is by using one configuration for Dynamic Assembly Motion, with one or more open degrees of freedom. You can use other configurations to fully define the mechanism and show it in particular positions using either method. Probably the best way to demonstrate this is with an example using the robot arm assembly.
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The SolidWorks Web Help is new in SolidWorks 2010. Web Help was introduced to help SolidWorks keep the Help files updated without having to send out help updates in the service packs. It also enables the use of other search tools and links to online data sources to make finding help that much easier. You can access SolidWorks Web Help through the Help SolidWorks Help menu selection as usual, but you need to make sure that the Use SolidWorks Web Help option also in the Help menu is activated. The following three sections only pertain to the traditional (non-Web) Help.
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or the ash off, remove the ash from the camera and raise the built-in ash. When the Shutter button is pressed, the built-in ash res a quick burst right before the photo is taken, which triggers the external ash. The built-in ash does not light the scene at all but needs to be in the up position so that it can trigger the external ash.
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Among operating systems, Linux enjoys an enviable advantage when it comes to the availability of software. The open-source community provides a multitude of packages: software titles that run on Linux. But this strength has also proven to be its weakness. Unlike commercial operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS, there are no official releases of Linux, so there have often been problems targeting a particular brand of Linux with a software title. To run properly, software needs to know what version of the Linux kernel (the central system control module) is running, what window manager you have, and what software libraries are installed. In the bad old days, Linux hackers would find themselves in dependency hell, searching for different solutions in an hours-long attempt to install the software that their target package needed to run. The advent of package management systems has changed all that. This was an innovation by Debian (the parent distribution of Ubuntu), which introduced the world to apt, the Advanced Packaging Tool. The principle behind package managers is that they can examine the available packages already installed on the system and automatically install all the software you need to run the package you request. For example, if you want to install Lynx, the text-based web browser, you could use the following command:
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FIGURE 10.24
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3 In the #rightColumn selector, add margin, padding, and border rules.
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The Limit Angle PropertyManager
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This tutorial steps you through creating reference geometry on an existing part in preparation for locating 3D features.
Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Figure 11-44: From this innocuous button, a host of sharing options.
Combination Direct Trunk & Tandem 16 Trunks
LG (Aim)
The Modify Configurations dialog box adds significantly to your options for creating and editing configurations. SolidWorks 2010 adds two very nice tools that add to the convenience and power of SolidWorks configurations. The first of these two is called Table Views. Table Views enable you to keep a small table of only the parameters that you want to show. The Parameters drop-down list enables you to select which Table View you want to display, or to create a new one. Using drop-down lists on the parameter headings, you can suppress the display of any parameter in a new Table View.
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having a data rate of 125 kb/s was rst reported in [Gfe79b]. Using the latest fast LEDs and PIN diodes, data rates on the order of 1 to 2 Mb/s are feasible with baseband PCM modulation. As with applications to radio channels, the DFE has been studied for mitigating the effects of multipath on high-speed wireless optical communication channels [Bar91b]. As shown in Fig. 14.9, the impulse response of the optical wireless channel has a strong LOS component followed by multipath arising from re ections. The DFE in this case does not need a forward equalizer, making implementation simpler and more cost-ef cient. Using DFE technology and direct optical propagation, very-high-speed optical links can be designed. Table 14.1 [Bar91b] shows the details of several experimental systems that have been reported in the literature. Commercial products with data rates of 1 to 2 Mb/s providing coverage of an indoor area for a portable computer are available in the market. Indoor coverage is aided by active (receive transmit unit) or passive (mirror) re ectors. For lower data rates on the order of 19.2 kb/s, the received SNR is adequate to cover a large room without the need for a re ector.
File 0 1 Master File Table (MFT) Partial Copy of MFT
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