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Figure 5.18 MPC.
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Parental Controls
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The Application object handles any loose ends you may have. This is not to say that you should exit all of your applications this way; it is still good practice to release all of your resources beforehand. Another exciting aspect of the Application object is the capability to insert a message filter. The purpose of a message filter is to "pre-process" all Windows messages sent to the application, and determine whether they need to be sent on. This can be very handy if, for whatever reason, you do not want your application to receive certain messages. Typical messages that you may want to filter include messages generated from user interaction with the non-client area of the form. Listing 30-2 demonstrates how to filter out double-click messages. Note Adding a message filter can seriously degrade the performance of your application. Listing 30-2: Using a Message Filter
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where r and rgs are commonly denoted by r gs when ro >> RTL On the other hand, voc = io R = Gm Rvic , (3.114) or rd >> RTL. (3.113)
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TABLE 3.2 Some SRFC (Self-Resonant Frequency) values of chip capacitors SRFC (MHz) 40 50 100 150 450 500 800 900 1,000 1,500 2,400 5,400 6,235 Value of chip capacitor (pF) 18,000 11,664 2,916 1,296 144 117 46 36 29 13 5.1 1.0 0.75
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Handoffs can take place in the following MS states: idle, system access, and control on the Traf c Channel. For soft handoffs, the MS monitors pilots from adjacent cells and when it detects a pilot with signal strength exceeding a threshold, it informs the BS with a Pilot Strength Measurement message. The BS uses the information to direct the MS to perform the handoff. An example of a soft handoff message sequence is shown in Fig. 13.2-6. 13.3 cdma2000 AIR INTERFACE
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mysql> select id,data -> from test -> where id = 1; +----+-------------+ | id | data | +----+-------------+ | 1 | test data 1 |
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Figure 11.7-2. Unassigned number received by exchange R, on a speech or 3.1 kHz audio call.
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After you have thoroughly surveyed the enterprise and are familiar with its layout and organization, you need to document your ndings. Be aware that at this point in the LDS design process, the documentation is far from complete, but it nevertheless forms the basis or departure point from which the conversion or management team can begin planning and creating a blueprint. Remember, too, that the initial conversion project should be open-ended enough to permit you to slide into continuous domain administration and that the documentation should continue to evolve. It becomes the bible for the present and future administrative teams. The following short list is a suggestion of steps to take to complete documentation and move forward with your LDS and conversion plan: 1. Update the organizational chart and then circulate it to department heads for additions, accuracy, and comment. 2. List the KMEs throughout the enterprise and describe the extent of the administrative function in each KME. You are noting the size of the KME and its complexity. Make a
Follow these steps to create users on the local server: 1. Within Windows 2000 Professional- open up the Computer Management utility (Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Computer Management). You can also open up the utility by right-clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop and choosing Manage. Note The Computer Management utility manages and controls resources on the local or remote servers. There are many things that you can do within the Computer Management utility- but you want to focus on creating users. Open up the Local Users and Groups branch. 2. After expanding this branch- two folders are displayed- Users and Groups.
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