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I ll end this section with a bit of good news: Most modern SCSI adapters are auto-terminating. That is, they sense whether they re on the end of the device chain or in the middle of it, and set their own termination accordingly. If you have an older adapter, though, you may want to see if it s auto-terminating or if you have to set a switch or jumper by hand.
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This part is created by making a pair of tapered helices, with the profile sketch plane perpendicular to the end of one of the curves. The taper on the outer helix is greater than on the inner one, which causes the twist to become larger in diameter as it goes up. To make the circle follow both helices, you must create two pierce relations, one between the center of the circle and a helix, and the other between a sketch point that is placed on the circumference of the circle and the other helix. This means that the difference in taper angles between the two helices is what drives the change in diameter of the sweep.
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To determine whether your computer meets the Premium Vista requirements, skip ahead to the Checking upgrade compatibility section of this chapter.
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The following types of curves can be defined in SolidWorks: n Helix/tapered helix/variable helix/spiral n Projected curve n Curve through XYZ points n Curve through reference points n Composite curve You can find all the curve functions on the Curves toolbar or through the menus at Insert Curve.
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1. From the CD-ROM, open the drawing called 25 Tutorial.slddrw. Make sure that the Layer and Line Format toolbars are active and that the Hide/Show Edges buttons are available on the Line Format toolbar. 2. Right-click a blank space and select Edit Sheet Format from the menu.
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Substation Transformer
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The Internet is divided into logical domains, which are identi ed as a 32-bit portion of the total address, under the terms of IPv4. Addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS), the administration of which is the responsibility of ICANN, follow a standard convention: user@organization.domain. The vast majority of the 147 million or so registered Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are commercial in nature. TLDs, which are identi ed as the domain address suf x, are of two types: generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and country codes. 13.6.1 Unsponsored Domains
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The main goal of particle analysis is to obtain as much information as possible on the abundance of different types of particles in the analysed sample. For this reason, huge numbers of individual particles must be measured and thus the spectral acquisition time devoted to each individual particle should be minimized. The most important characteristics of spectra collected from individual microparticles using TW-EPMA are the low counting statistics and the strong spectral overlaps under 1 keV. The so-called top-hat lter method has been proven to be very useful in conventional computer-controlled EPMA for the on-line evaluation of spectra, usually having very poor counting statistics (Small, 1998). Because of the strong overlap of the characteristic lines, this method cannot be applied for TW-EPMA spectra under 1 keV. Also the curvature of the background at low energies may cause signi cant errors. A possible solution for the accurate determination of the characteristic X-ray intensities is the nonlinear least-squares tting of the spectra. As the elements present in the particle must be included in the tting model, an automatic evaluation can only be done if supervised by the operator. As peak distortion due to incomplete charge collection is most pronounced for low-energy Xray lines, the usual Gaussian peak-shape model does not work well, and a tailing and step function must be included (Van Espen and Lemberge, 2000). The nonlinear least-squares tting procedure (AXIL) was optimized for accurate modeling of the characteristic X-ray peaks and the Bremsstrahlung background below 1 keV (Os n a et al., 2001a). The appropriate mass absorption coef cients were taken into account, and the accurate parameters of the detector window were used for modeling the continuum background and the
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Remote installation can be performed only in a domain environment and not on a workgroup computer.
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A number of papers actually use the expression overlay for what is interwaving in the notation of this book.
You can add dimension tolerances in the Dimension PropertyManager, which you can activate by selecting the dimension that you want to modify. Available tolerance types include: n Basic n Bilateral n Limit
playing a role in it, the role type, relations between various roles that are identi ed, and so on). Generation of semantic knowledge in information extraction is based upon the results of parsing steps that can be of varying analysis depth . Some approaches build on knowledge about word types only, whereas other approaches go beyond that and require a deep understanding of the sentence structure before being able to generate the semantic representations that are aimed at. When analysing published IE approaches the whole range can be found, from utilizing statistical word lists (often augmented with frequencies that are learned on document corpora), through hierarchies of concepts that are related to each other by speci c relation types (concept superconcept relations, part whole relations, etc.), towards even richer semantic representations like the theory of conceptual dependencies (Shank, 1975). Generally speaking, such representational schemes are said to represent a world state, certain beliefs or even factual knowledge that is implicitly present in the analysed documents. There are very diverse opinions on how to represent semantics. Some research groups see semantics as the semantics of some logic representation. Others propose that semantics and context are contained in a more fuzzy way by statistical properties over text. Other representation formalisms are also found, but the division between symbolic approaches (representation through logic) and sub-symbolic (connectionist, fuzzy or statistical approaches) is important. In OntoExtract the initial analysed and annotated text is transformed into an internal representation that makes use of a variety of linguistic analysis steps to come to an initial interpretation of what is written. After an additional disambiguation phase, performing co-reference chaining, resolution of, for example, abbreviations, pronoun resolution, etc., an internal representation of the text is built up. This representation contains the original text, its annotations, but also the resolutions performed on it. Now it is possible to tell what is going on, who is involved, and what type of relations are discussed in the discourse that has been analysed. Whereas this internal representation is a very rich one, the model used contains a mix of properties and contents that is not suitable for a usage in a clean, formal knowledge representation such as DAML1OIL or RDF(S). Therefore the semantic structures undergo a translation such that a more formal representation emerges, ltering out the pragmatic properties and focusing on a clean representation. Other export lters de ned in this internal representation format deal with export of Dublin Core meta-data, XML representations of texts, (semantically ordered) key concept vector lists and semantic networks for visualization.
If no rows are returned from the select statement, the select does not affect the variables. In the following query, there is no person with a PersonID of 100, so the select statement does not affect the @TempID variable:
freezes any motion in your subject. This technique is also called dragging the shutter.
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