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Step 5: Edit your copy. Go through it and correct the spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Eliminate extra words not necessary to express your thoughts. Tighten things up. Step 6: Incubate. Stop editing, put the text aside and take a walk or do something pleasurable. You ll be amazed at what getting away from your text will do for you. If you can come back to it the next day, better yet. The more time between what you ve just edited and taking the next step all the better. Step 7: Take a nal look at your copy. You ll be amazed at how much more you re going to catch and how much more re ned you will be able to make the copy with this nal look. Of course you could easily repeat steps 5 and 6 and continue to edit until you are happy with your results. These seven steps summarize what you as a copywriter will go through to write copy. It s really that simple. And if you ve learned the principles of writing copy, each time you do this you will get better at it. That I can guarantee. You ve Learned a Great Deal You have learned what it takes to be a great copywriter in Section One. You have learned in Section Two what works and why it works. In the rst two sections of this book I have taught you most of the copywriting techniques I taught my seminar participants. You have learned techniques that took me many years to develop. You have learned concepts that I didn t discover and personally use until well into my career. And most importantly, you have learned from my failures an education that has cost me dearly but that you do not have to experience on your own. Finally, you did not have to pay $3,000 to get this knowledge as my seminar participants did. In Section Three we take all that you have learned and crystallize it into practical knowledge by examining many of the ads that were used as examples in our seminar. This is an important section, for here you see how all the pieces you have learned t together. We also examine a few ads where the pieces didn t quite t together and we show you how they could have been done more effectively.
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Figure 29.5 PCM.
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C R OS S R EF If you want to know more about Messaging, check out 14, where that application is fully documented.
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The receive lter is a bandpass lter i.e., has a constant-magnitude spectrum in the frequency range of interest. Ideally, pRX ( ) should not have an impact, so that p( ) = pTX ( )
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Alternatively, we could add a construction line, as in the left-hand triangle in Fig. 11.13, where h is the length on an altitude. We then find equations connecting a, b, c, d and h, and eliminate h to find the relation we want. A third possibility (and of course there are yet others) is to label the angles at the centre, say, a, p and y, and use the cosine formula which says, for example, that
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light bluish) glass color, the Windows Default sound scheme, and no screen saver. This is a great theme from which to create your own theme. Figure 4-11 shows the effects of configuring a typical theme. Architecture: This Aero Theme features a desktop slide show of six alternating architectural images, the Twilight (deep blue) glass color, the Cityscape sound scheme, and no screen saver. Characters: This Aero Theme features a desktop slide show of six alternating whimsical cartoon-type images, the Taupe (light pink) glass color, the Characters sound scheme, and no screen saver. Landscapes: This Aero Theme features a desktop slide show of six alternating landscape images, the Slate (dusty brown) glass color, the Landscape sound scheme, and no screen saver. Nature: This Aero Theme features a desktop slide show of six alternating plantand leaf-based images, the Lavender (bright pink) glass color, the Garden sound scheme, and no screen saver. Scenes: This Aero Theme features a desktop slide show of six alternating artistic images, the Violet (soft purple) glass color, the Quirky sound scheme, and no screen saver. Theme for [your region]: This Aero Theme is customized for the region in which you live. So in my case, it is customized for the United States. It features a desktop slide show of six alternating country- or region-specific images, a custom glass color (medium tan for the U.S.), a custom sound scheme (Delta for the U.S.), and no screen saver. Aero Theme files are, in fact, simple text files, similar to XML or INI files, so you can open them with a text editor, like Wordpad, to see what they re made of. A typical section in an Aero Theme file looks like so:
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Solaris Volume Manager Commands FUNCTION Increases the size of a UFS file system on the fly Deletes active volumes or hot spare pools Creates and deletes configuration files (state database replicas) Detaches a volume from a mirror or a logging device from a transactional volume Checks the ID configuration of devices Manages hot spares and hot spare pools (continues)
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CONSIDERING THE ROLE OF X-RAY SPECTROMETRY IN CHEMICAL ANALYSIS AND OUTLINING THE VOLUME Tanner of Bede plc, Durham, UK) describes how electromagnetic rather than conventional electrostatic focusing, for shaping and steering the electron beam in the X-ray tube, allows the X-ray source dimensions to be controlled much better than in the past, to achieve a higher brilliance without target damage, to tailor the X-ray spot dimensions for optimising the input coupling with subsequent grazing-incidence X-ray optical elements, like ellipsoidal mirrors and polycapillaries (treated in a later chapter), and hence to deliver high brilliance beams of small dimension to the sample. These high-brightness micro-focus sources have been used mostly in X-ray diffraction (XRD) so far, but they are likely to have a major impact on XRS in the near future as well. Subchapter 2.2 on new synchrotron radiation sources was written by M. Watanabe (Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University, Japan) and G. Isoyama (Institute of Scienti c and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Japan). In this subchapter, new synchrotron radiation sources are introduced and the characteristics of synchrotron radiation are summarised. New aspects and typical properties of the synchrotron radiation ux at the sample position are described for users of third-generation sources and candidates for fourth-generation sources are discussed. In Subchapter 2.3, C. Spielman (Physikalisches Institut EP1, University of W rzburg, Germany) u treats a novel generation of laser-driven X-ray sources, which could produce femtosecond pulses of soft to hard X-rays, synchronisable to other events, and very high intensities, from compact laboratory X-ray sources. This section describes recent progress in the development of laser sources relevant for X-ray generation and reviews the generation of laser-produced incoherent radiation, the development of X-ray lasers and high-harmonic generation. Applications of coherent laboratory Xray sources are still in their infancy, but these might be intriguing in the future, in XRS, X-ray microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and maybe X-ray interferometry, all of which have had to rely on large-scale synchrotron facilities thus far, and might open the way to attosecond science.
Before diving into Calendar, I want you to take a moment to understand some of the benefits of using a connected calendar. 33 Useful: Connected calendars allow you to create, edit, and maintain scheduling information, such as events, meetings, and appointments, so you can easily organize your schedule. You can also create multiple calendars within any given connected calendar solution, so if you want to overthink things and create separate calendars for work, personal, and other categories, you re free to do so.
You can find the scriptaculous_slider.html file and the images in the code on the website for this book: Every page that you use in this part starts with two include statements for both Prototype and Scriptaculous. You can just assume that these lines are in every document:
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