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Modeling for the casting process is very different from modeling for the machining process. The process should be evident in your modeling. There are times when you will not know which process will be used to create the part when you start to create a model. If you are simply making an initial concept model, then you may not need to be concerned about the process. In these cases, it may or may not be possible to reuse your initial data if you need to make a detailed cast part from your non-process-specific model. Decisions like this are usually based on available time, how many changes need to be made, and a determination of the risk of making the changes versus not making the changes, as well as which decision will cost you the most time in the long run.
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There is some terminology that you need to come to grips with before we dive into building models with SolidWorks. Notice that I talk about modeling rather than drawing. This is because SolidWorks is really virtual prototyping software. Whether you are building an assembly line for automotive parts or designing decorative perfume bottles, SolidWorks can help you visualize your product in the most realistic way possible without actually having it in your hand. This is more akin to making a physical model in the shop than drawing on paper. Feature-based modeling means that you build the model by incrementally identifying functional shapes, and applying processes to create the shapes. For example, you can create a simple box by using the Extrude process, and you can create a sphere by using the Revolve process. However, you can make a cylinder by using either process, by revolving a rectangle or extruding a circle. You start by visualizing the 3D shape, and then apply a process to a 2D sketch to create that shape. This concept on its own is half of what you need to know to create models with SolidWorks. Figure 1.1 shows images of simple feature types with the 2D sketches from which they were created. Many different feature types in SolidWorks enable you to create everything from the simplest geometry shown above to free-form shapes. In general, when I talk about modeling, I am talking about solid modeling, although SolidWorks also has a complete complement of surfacing tools. I will discuss the distinction between solid and surface modeling in a later chapter. Table 1.1 lists some of the most common features that are found in SolidWorks, and classifies them according to whether they always require a sketch, a sketch is optional, or they never require a sketch.
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connected to such a network, your computer will be discoverable, meaning other computers and devices on the network will be able to see your PC and, with the appropriate credentials, access any shared resources your PC may provide. Additionally, you will be able to discover other PCs and devices connected to the network. Work network: Used for your workplace or other trusted network type. As with the Home location, a network configured for the Work location provides discoverability of network-based PCs and devices. Public network: This is used for any public network connection, especially Wi-Fi connections you might run into at the aforementioned cafes, coffee shops, airports, and similar locations. With a Public network type, you re assumed to need Internet access and little else: network discoverability is kept to a minimum and software on your system that might normally broadcast its availability such as shared folders, printers, and media libraries remains silent. Given the apparent similarities between Home network and Work network, there must be some difference between the two, right Microsoft wouldn t create two different network locations that were, in fact, exactly the same, would it Actually it would (and did): from a functional standpoint, Home and Work are in fact identical. The only difference between the two is the name and the icon used to denote each network location type: the Home network location features a friendly-looking home icon, whereas the Work network location is denoted by a more industrial-looking office building. Why have two different locations when a single Home or Work location would have achieved the same goal Keep in mind that the point of the Set Network Location wizard is to make things easy. To the average consumer, Home and Work are obvious options, whereas a combined Home or Work might cause a bit of wasted time pondering what that was all about. Behind the scenes, the Set Network Location wizard is, in fact, working with just two location types, one of which covers both Home and Work and one that represents the Public location. So Home network and Work network are, in fact, really of type Private and Public network is really of type Public.
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Table 13.8 NUMBER 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Summary of umask Permissions PERMISSION GIVEN (DIRECTORIES) rwx Read, write, and execute rw- Read and write r-x Read and execute r--Read only -wx Write and execute -w- Write only --x Execute only --- No permissions PERMISSION GIVEN (FILES) rw- Read and write rw- Read and write r-- Read r-- Read only -wx Write -w- Write only --- No permissions --- No permissions code read datamatrix code
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High Gate Voltage Stressing
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Up to 70 (kidney), <2 (brain), <1 (liver), up to 100 (thyroid gland), up to 70 (pituitary gland), (bone) >200 (bone)
The SAIL API is a set of Java interfaces that has been speci cally designed for storage and retrieval of RDFS-based information. The main design principles of SAIL are that the API should:
Figure 10.45 A circuit diagram showing the position of the equivalent input-voltage-noise source, in relation to the rest of the circuit.
Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
The Elements folder allows you to map styles to specific HTML elements. Presently, the body tag is the only element listed in the folder. If you don't see any elements listed, click on the plus sign next to the folder to expand the folder and expose the elements. Within the Elements folder, you can map to as many different HTML elements as you wish. Before you start adding some more elements, though, add some styles to your body tag: 1. Right -click on the body element in the Elements folder. Choose Build Style to launch Style Builder, as shown in Figure 39-3.
Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
The spectral density of the mean-square noise voltage can be obtained by multiplying the spectral density of the mean-square noise current with the squared magnitude of the tank impedance, that is,
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