FIGURE 6-3 In some search engine results, the text displayed below the title comes from the meta description tag. Meta description text
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Subscriber line charge (SLC), see Access charges Sucker trap, 684 Superframe, 311, 312, 318 Super high frequency (SHF), 41 Supernetting, 642 Superrate, 27 Sustainable cell rate (SCR), 530, 532, 534 Switch, 4, 29 35, 251 252 access tandem, 213, 226f backbone, 4, 382, 525 blocking, 119 120f cell, 34 35 central of ce (CO), 4, 211 212 circuit, 4, 29 33 core, 4, 382, 383f, 525 cordboard, 30f 31, 102, 109 crossbar (XBar), 32f, 109 crossreed, see Crossbar cut-through, 381 edge, 4, 525 electronic common control (ECC), 32 33f, 109 fragment-free, 381 frame, 34 international gateway facility (IGF), 213 214 LAN, 380 383 matrix, 114, 380 381f micro uidic, 93 nonblocking, 119f optical, 92 93 packet, 4, 33 34 photonic, 35 shared bus, 380 step-by-step (SxS), 31f, 109 store-and-forward, 381 switchboard, 30f 31, 109 tag, 663 tandem, 213, workgroup, 381f, 382, 383f Switchboard, see Switch Switched 56, 300f 301 Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS), 34 35 Switched virtual circuit (SVC), 8, 325, 351, 497, 501 502 Switching, 29 35 matrix, 32 Symbol, 257, 393,400, 561 Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), see Digital subscriber line Symmetric High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL), see Digital subscriber line Synchronization, 26, 604 Synchronizing character (SYN), 284f Synchronous (sync), 260, 271 272, 275 Synchronous code division multiple access (S-CDMA), 448 Synchronous connection-oriented (SCO), 409
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A connection manager is a wrapper for the connection string and properties required to make a connection at runtime. Once the connection is defined, it can be referenced by other elements in the package without duplicating the connection definition, thus simplifying the management of this information and configuration for alternate environments.
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where Q, is the charge at terminal x. 6xy is a function whose value is equal to 1 if x = y and - 1 if otherwise. Not all of the 16 y parameters are required to characterize the transistor; only 9 of the 16 parameters are linearly independent. This is because the sums of the y parameters in any row and in any column of the y-parameter matrix
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OLE DB Data Providers
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Managing you and your online contacts with the People hub Viewing and editing your own digital persona Finding and interacting with contacts Linking and unlinking contacts Finding out what s new with the people you care about Accessing recent contacts Pinning contacts to the Windows Phone Start screen
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An A record viewed from Windows 2000 DNS Manager.
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Windows Firewall and Windows Defender
A complete list of SQL Server counters and their current values can be queried from the sysdm_os_performance_counters dynamic management view. This is cool, because you can get the counter data from within Transact-SQL code.
Mark E. Nissen Naval Postgraduate School Intelligent Agents Won Gyun No University of Waterloo, Canada XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language): Business Reporting with XML Eric H. Nyberg Carnegie Mellon University Prototyping Jeff Offutt George Mason University Software Design and Implementation in the
The sendmail MTA program is one of the most popular Linux MTA programs available. The program was originally written and supported by Eric Allman, but the Sendmail Consortium ( ) currently maintains the source code for
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