Part I: Surviving Setup
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I live in Golden, Colorado, where heavy snow, lightning strikes, or suicidal squirrels can interrupt the power. So I ve become a religious user of battery backup units. They tide me over for the five or ten minutes I need to save my work and shut down my system properly after a power outage. Many PC users don t realize the other services that some battery backup units provide. In areas where the line voltage isn t rock solid, the backup unit can provide line voltage stabilization and filtering to smooth out the power curve. Not all backup units provide this function, and it isn t as necessary as it used to be, but it s a plus if it doesn t cost you too much extra. Battery backup units also typically provide surge protection, which clamps down on voltage spikes that could harm your equipment. Some manufacturers even offer insurance if your PC is damaged by a voltage spike while connected to the manufacturer s backup unit. I ve never tried to collect on such insurance, so I don t know how much red tape is involved, but the fact that it s even offered inspires a certain amount of confidence.
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The open-loop transfer function or open-loop gain is G( s ) =
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The ITU-T has developed a number of Standards Recommendations for videotelephony and multimedia communications. These recommendations fall under the umbrella of H.320, which was de ned in 1990 for systems operating over Narrowband ISDN (N-ISDN). Table 12.3 details the range of standards under the H.320
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20: Browsing the Web
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This section covers the common namespaces provided in the framework. This will not cover all of the namespaces and classes, but it does give you an idea of where to start looking for desired functionality. Component model System.ComponentModel Licensing and design time implementation of components. Data System.Data Data access
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utoCAD has left its mark on CAD users of all kinds in the form of the default expectations users have about CAD software. A few common expectations are that layers, the Command Line, and paper space/ model space need to exist in order for graphical software to be considered CAD, and printing should be really difficult. When former AutoCAD users make the switch to SolidWorks, the questions start: Where is the Command Line How do I put parts on layers How do I change the background color to black And my personal favorite, Where is the zero-radius trim This chapter addresses AutoCAD-like functions in the SolidWorks drawing environment. The goal is not to make the functions look or work or compare in any way to AutoCAD, but to simply to make them useful in the context of the SolidWorks software. It is never productive to try to use SolidWorks as if it were AutoCAD. If you are making the transition, you will be much further ahead if you just embrace SolidWorks for what it is, and accept that it does not work like AutoCAD. You will be even further ahead if you do not assume that AutoCAD functionality is universal.
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wiki words to create new notes, enable automatic bullet lists, and select a custom font. Hotkeys: Allows you to select special keys that activate Tomboy Notes windows when the applet is running. By default, Alt-F12 displays the Search window and Alt-F11 displays the Start Here note. Synchronization: Allows you to specify a Tomboy Notes server to sync your notes with. This option allows you to access your notes from any device that has access to the server. Add-ins: Tomboy add-ins provide additional functionality within Tomboy.
FIGURE 18.1 The Vista Music folder
We assume a four-bit SLS eld and denote the bits in this eld by SLS: s4 s3 s2 s1
One reason for a different solution is the realization that wireless LANs are completely different environments from wired LANs. The initial approach for providing security in wireless LANs was to create the equivalent of wired privacy. That is a necessary element, but not a sufficient solution. Link layer security is designed to provide a protection mechanism from one point to another. The base assumption is that any data that travels on that link is considered to have been "created equal," i.e., there is no inherent difference in any of the transmitted data. When used in a wireless LAN, link layer (Level 2) security only provides the ability to make coarse-grained (on or off) decisions regarding access to the network. A wireless LAN is much more so a traditional client/server environment than a link extension of a wired LAN. Wireless networks require the ability to identify accurately the source of the data and make a decision as to whether that traffic belongs on that link. In essence, none of the data can be treated from a bulk perspective. 3.5.2 The Need for a Unified Approach
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Finalizing and Making a Presentation
Switches serve to establish connectivity between terminal devices (transmitters and receivers) on a exible basis. They effectively serve as contention devices, managing contention between multiple transmit devices for access to shared circuits. In this manner, the usage and cost of expensive circuits can be optimized, based on standard traf c engineering principles. Without switches, each device would require a direct, dedicated circuit to every other device in a full mesh topology. Such an approach clearly is extremely resource intensive, highly impractical, and even completely impossible, as early experience proved. This discussion of switches and switching is presented in chronological order of development, beginning with circuit switching and its evolution and progressing through packet, frame, and cell switching. I also introduce the concepts of soft switching and optical switching. 1.9.1 Circuit Switching: Optimized for Voice
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When you click the category name, you can edit the details of a category.
To view or modify the folders that are monitored by a Library, click the link next to Includes in the Library header, which, by default, will read as two locations. As shown in Figure 5-3, the resulting Locations window lists the shell locations monitored by the Library; has an Add button for adding new locations to monitor; has a Remove button for removing monitored locations; and references something called the default save location, which we will discuss next.
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