however, for a given pulse shape from the shaper circuit, it is well de ned. A main advantage of such a scheme is its simplicity and low power consumption that allows one to implement it in every channel. One can, however, notice easily basic limitations of this scheme, like the measurement range being limited by the discrimination level, low accuracy for small signals just above threshold, sensitivity to time jitter of the discriminator, especially for low amplitudes. The scheme has been implemented in an ASIC used for readout of silicon strip detectors in a particle physics experiment. Let us note that in the scheme shown in Figure 4.5.13(b) there is no capability to store data for more than one event in the front-end ASIC. Thus, one needs either to multiplex all the channels into one serial output, or elaborate a scheme of sparse readout (FeuerstackRaible, 2000). A fully analogue readout scheme, employing a true ADC, is shown schematically in Figure 4.5.13(c). In this scheme each channel is equipped with a peak detector and a sample and hold (S&H) circuit. Such schemes are commonly used in synchronous experiments where an external trigger signal, common for all the channels, is available. In applications to X-ray measurements one needs to implement a threshold discriminator
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function activate_current(current) { $( nav_ +current).className = active ; }
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KeepDynamic.com/QR-Code Link Privacy The 802.11 standard outlines the use of WEP as the encryption algorithm to ensure privacy in a wireless LAN. The WEP encryption algorithm is based on a standard known as RC4 that was developed in 1987 by Ron Rivest for RSA Data Security, Inc. The IEEE 802.11 group chose RC4 for WEP because it was cheap to license and easy to implement in software or hardware, thus allowing the vendors who made up the group to bring products to market quickly at affordable prices. Moreover, RC4 was freely exportable from the U.S., providing the key length was limited to 40 bits. RC4 is regarded as a reasonable encryption system for its time, but it can no longer be described as state of the art. RC4 is a rudimentary stream cipher, and must be implemented in an appropriate manner. Link and Data Integrity
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Integration Services is not just an upgrade to SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS). Integration Services is a complete rewrite and truly an enterprise-grade ETL tool. Among the many excellent new features of SQL Server 2005, Integration Services is one of the shining stars.
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A common saying is, If you don t have links, you are not writing for the Web. Look for parts of your text that can be linked to other parts of your Web site or to other sites.
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The Flaw of Averages in Finance
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That the average adult patient has one breast and one testicle should be ample warning not to apply health care with too broad a brush. A more subtle example involves Simpson s paradox and the kidney stone treatment presented earlier. When you averaged results over the entire population, treatment A was worse than treatment B. But when you zoomed in to focus on groups of patients with either large or small kidney stones, treatment A was found to be superior to treatment B in both groups. Here the treatment
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Organizing groups of purchased components
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Every project team develops the physical database schema drawing from these two disciplines (logical data modeling and physical schema design) in one of the following possible combinations: A logical database schema is designed and then implemented without the benefit of physical schema development. This plan is a sure way to develop a slow and unwieldy database schema. The application code will be frustrating to write and the code will not be able to overcome the performance limitations of the design. A logical database schema is developed to ensure that the business requirements are understood. Based on the logical design, the database development team develops a physical database schema. This method can result in a fast, usable schema.
EFS under Windows 2000 was not designed to enable encrypted data to be easily shared among users; you could, however, enable multiple users to access and work with encrypted folders and les. The users simply need to share the same encryption keys. For more information, see the section Sharing Encrypted Data, later in this chapter. Windows Server 2008 makes encrypted folder and le sharing a lot easier.
Wireless Communications
Feature patterns and mirrors are powerful tools, but they require some discipline to benefit from their usefulness. Patterns in particular are extremely flexible, with many types of functions and options available. You should avoid sketch patterns if possible, not only because of performance considerations, but also because complex sketches (sketches with a lot of entities and relations) tend to fail more often than simple sketches.
The GNU Debugger Program
Break up to make up, that s all we do. First you love me, then you hate me. It s a game for fools. Break Up To Make Up, The Stylistics, 1973
This set of specifications allows any user on any host on the network to have access to all of the services (Telnet and FTP) on your machine. Each such user will still have to supply the appropriate password.
FIGURE 16.13 Sorting sketch relations by type
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