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Change Control and Workplace Management
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Using Rollback ..................................................................................................................363 Using the Rollback bar ............................................................................................364 Consumed features ........................................................................................365 Examining the parent-child relationship ........................................................365
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It is well known that fully depleted (FD) SOI devices have a near-optimal subthreshold slope. This allows one to reduce the threshold voltage and to increase the current drive without increasing the OFF current compared to bulk devices. Low leakage current and low threshold voltage can thus be obtained simultaneously. If one considers maximum speed performance, the allowed reduction of threshold voltage in SO1 devices has a positive, but modest, effect on the speed of the circuits when VDD = 5 V. This effect, however, becomes more pronounced as the supply voltage is reduced. Figure 5.33 presents the ratio of saturation currents between an SO1 MOSFET with a body factor n = 1.05 and a threshold voltage Vth = 0.45 V and a bulk transistor with n = 1.4 and Vth = 0.7 V. The IDsat enhancement due to the Vth reduction is quite remarkable at low supply voltage. In parallel to the reduction of VDD, a reduction of power consumption is desirable. The dissipated dynamic power of a circuit is equal tofCV2 , wheref is the frequency, V is the supply voltage, and C is the sum of all the capacitances in the circuit. Since all capacitances but the gate oxide capacitance are smaller in SO1 than in bulk, less 92 power is dissipated in SOI circuits. It has been reported, for instance, that a frequency divider implemented on SOI is twice as fast and consumes half of the power of the equivalent bulk circuit and that ASICs and 16 K (16-kilobyte) SRAMs deliver the same speed performance at 2 Vat 25% of the power of the equivalent bulk circuits operated at 3.3 V.93 Table 5.4 presents the performances of some recent low-voltage, low-power (LVLP), highspeed SO1 CMOS circuits. 94-107 The choice between fully depleted (FD) and partially depleted (PD) devices is not fully resolved yet. Some favor the better performances of the FD devices, and others prefer the better uniformity of threshold voltage control expected from PD devices. The dc gain (A0 ) and the transition unit-gain frequency (fT) of a MOSFET are given by A0 = -- (gm/ID) VA andfT = (gm/2IECL), where VA is the Early voltage of the device and CL is its load capacitance. The gm//ID ratio is a measure of the efficiency to translate current (hence power) into transconductance. The larger the gm/ID ratio, the larger the transconductance for a given current value. The high
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of S11 or impedance Z in the frequency range from DC to 10 GHz. When f = 0, the impedance or its resistance and reactance are zero because the behavior of an inductor in the DC operation is short-circuited. In general, its inductance increases as the operating frequency increases, although it is not necessarily proportional. On the other hand, its resistance also increases as the operating frequency increases. On the trace, each point P corresponds to an operating frequency and from each point P, the reactance xS and the resistance rS can be directly read from the Smith chart. Finally, from the reactance the inductance of the inductor L can be calculated. The single-port impedance measured directly by the network analyzer is simple and easy. Unfortunately, if the resistance or reactance of the inductor has a very low or very high value as shown on the Smith chart in Figures 13.15 or 13.17, then the readings of the reactance xS or the resistance rS are quite inaccurate, and hence the calculated L values can deviate from the actual values by around 10 to 50%. The actual values, of course, can be obtained from other test means with greater accuracy. The second evidence can be found in the impedance measurement of a short whip antenna, which is directly connected to port 1 of the network analyzer as shown in Figure 13.18. The antenna operates at around 27 MHz, which is a low RF frequency. Its impedance can be directly displayed on the screen of a network analyzer via the Smith chart, such as
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21: Managing E mail and Contacts
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yields a setwhich is orthonormal on the interval [0, m] with weightingfunction g ( t ) = e c t . The first four basis vectors are
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Using tweaking applications
UndoActionName (Public Instance Property)
The scalar function must be deterministic, meaning that it must repeatedly return the same value for the same input parameters. For this reason, certain functions and global variables that return variable data such as nnections, getdate(), rasd(), newid(), and others are not allowed within scalar functions. User-defined scalar functions are not permitted to update the database, but they may work with a local temporary table. They cannot return BLOB (binary large object) data such as text, ntext, or image data-type variables, nor can they return table variables or cursor data types.
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