FIGURE 14.19 A number of demo and support tools are available to get you on your way.
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The primary record is the SOA, or Start of Authority. The SOA record indicates that the server is authoritative for the domain. Whenever you create a new zone, Windows Server 2008 automatically creates the SOA record for the zone. NS records identify name servers, and a zone should contain NS records for each name server in the domain. Address, or A, records map host names to IP addresses. Multi-homed hosts those that have multiple IP addresses can be represented by multiple A records, each mapping the same host name to the different addresses of the host. A DNS lookup retrieves all matching records when multiple A records reference the same name. To improve performance, the name server sorts the address list so that the closest address is at the top of the list when the resolver and name server are on the same network. Otherwise, addresses are rotated through subsequent queries to respond in round-robin fashion. One query responds with the address of the rst address in the list, for example, and subsequent queries respond with the second and third, respectively. CNAME (Canonical Name) records map an alias name to a Fully Quali ed Domain Name (FQDN) and are, therefore, called alias records. Therefore, A and CNAME records typically work hand-in-hand. You create a host (A) record for a host and then use CNAME records to create aliases. You may create a host record for, for example, and then use CNAME records to create aliases for www and ftp that point to that server. Mail Exchanger, or MX, records are another common resource record type. MX records enable servers to route mail. The MX records in a zone determine how mail is routed for the domain hosted by the zone. An MX record includes the FQDN of the mail server and a preference number from 0 to 65535. The preference number determines the priority of the mail server speci ed by the MX record. If multiple mail servers exist for a domain, then the zone includes multiple MX records. Mail delivery is attempted based on the preference number, with the lowest numbered server(s) tried rst. If the MX records all have the same preference number, the remote mail server has the option of sending to any of the domain s mail servers with the given preference number. Service Locator (SRV) resource records offer the same exibility for other services that MX records offer for mail routing. You create SRV records for speci c services such as HTTP, FTP, LDAP, and so on. Resolvers that are designed to work with SRV records can use the preference number to connect to hosts offering the speci ed service. As with MX records, servers with lower preference numbers are attempted rst. The Pointer (PTR) record is another common record type. Pointers map addresses to names, the reverse of what host records do, in a process called reverse lookup. You learn more about reverse lookup in the following section. For now, be aware that whenever you create or modify resource records for forward lookup, the Windows Server 2008 DNS service can automatically create or modify the associated PTR record. Each record has certain properties associated with it, and many properties are common to all records. Each record, for example, has a time-to-live, or TTL, property. The TTL value, a 32-bit integer, speci es the number of seconds for which the resolver should cache the results of a query before it is discarded. After the speci ed TTL period is reached, the resolver purges
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Another email issue that you should be concerned with is user privacy. User mail files (stored by default in /var/mail) should not be readable by anyone other than the owner. Under certain circumstances, anyone reading someone else s email is guilty of a violation of privacy. Be cognizant of organizational policy as well as federal law in managing your users inboxes.
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Small computer system interface (SCSI) devices still dominate the high-end of disk drive services based on throughput. A server that needs to meet high data demands should be based on a SCSI drive. If the server is low throughput with no anticipated growth, a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drive could meet the need. Anticipating the intended use and growth will direct what option should be taken with regard to types of disk drives. Additionally, a variety of manufacturers now provide integrated RAID capability on the motherboards that also support SATA drives.
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Enabling Media Streaming Features
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The Jog Position selection establishes the relationship between the sketched line and the first bend tangent line. The Jog Position icons have tool tips with the following names, from left to right: Bend Centerline, Material Inside, Material Outside, and Bend Outside.
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IPv6 Multicast Addresses
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Sheet Metal feature
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Report findings
User or Control Data
Windows Vista supported a fourth option here, called Start menu power button. In Windows 7, this option is not related to power management which makes sense and is instead available from the Start menu tab of the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, shown in Figure 17-15. (You can access this UI by right-clicking the Start button and choosing Properties.)
Figure 15.7(a) shows a large ground surface on a PCB. Usually the AC/RF voltage at points P1, P2, P3, and P4 are unequipotential, that is, vP1 vP2 vP3 vP4 , (15.19)
Disjoint sketch segments
connected to a sense amplifier for data comparison, this simple architecture results in a configuration called an "open bit line" configuration shown in Figure 7.14a. When one of the word lines on the right side is selected, none of the word lines on the left side is selected (by decoding condition). The left-side bit line with no connected memory cells serves as a reference line for the right-side bit line. The open bit line configuration was used only in 16K and 64K DRAMs. There are two major problems with this configuration. One is that the sense-amplifier-circuit layout must fit into a very narrow pitch of a cell bit line (the sum of line width and spacing), which has proved extremely difficult because the memory cell size and pitch decrease with each successive generation of DRAMs. One solution to this problem is to use a "relaxed sense amplifier pitch open bit line" architecture 17 as shown in Figure 7.14b. The second, and probably the most serious, problem with the open bit line architecture is the poor noise immunity of the open bit line configuration. The localized noise in the array couples into only one side of the bit line pairs and degrades the signal that the sense amplifier must detect. The "folded bit line" configuration shown in Figure 7.14c was devised to avoid this noise problem. In this configuration, rhe BL and BL extends side by side in the same direction from the sense amplifier. Any localized noise generated will couple into the both bit lines and be canceled by the differential operation of the sense amplifier. Therefore, the sense amplifier can detect a much smaller signal from the memory cell in the folded bit-line configuration. Since the development of 256 K DRAMs, all DRAMs use this configurate ion. Depending on how the memory cell is repeated in the array, the folded bit line architecture can result in different configurations as shown in Figure 7.15a,b. In this
You can create a special folder for all the multiple mates by selecting the Create multi-mate folder check box in the Mate Selections PropertyManager. You can also automatically link the values for distance and angle mates with link values by selecting the Link dimensions check box.
PMC SP 1.4 Monitor Data Management Monitor the management of project data against the project plan.
Proof If S is tight, then the existence of such a finite union of S-balls follows easily from the fact that every compact set K c R can be covered by a finite union of open S-balls. Conversely, given E > 0, choose, for every natural number k , a finite union Bk = ui=l Bki of l/k-balls B k i , such that, for all F E S , F { B k } 2 1 - ~ 2 - ~ . nk Let K = Bk; then evidently F { K } 2 1 - &2- = 1 - E. We claim that K is compact. As K is closed, it suffices to show that every sequence (x,) with x, E K has an accumulation point (for Polish spaces, sequential compactness implies compactness). For each k , B k 1 , . . . , Bknkform a finite cover of K ;hence it is possible to inductively choose sets B k i k such that, for all m, A , = Bkik contains infinitely many members of the sequence (xn). Thus, if we pick a subsequence znm E A,, it will be a Cauchy sequence, d(znm, z n L 5 2, min(m, l ) , and, since ) rn R is complete, it converges.
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