A lot of attention is being focused on the NIS+ to LDAP transition. A fairly recent document entitled NIS+ to LDAP Migration in the Solaris 9 Operating Envrionment: A Technical White Paper is available to assist with this transition. It describes tools that are shipped with Solaris 9 to facilitate the move to LDAP. Find it at http://www To make the transition easier, the rpc.nisd supplied with Solaris 9 can be configured to use LDAP as its data repository. When used in this way, the normal NIS+ database acts as a cache and prevents disruptions in communications with LDAP from having any effect on service. A transition from NIS+ to LDAP might logically progress through installation of an LDAP server, upgrading of the NIS+ master to Solaris 9, configuring the Solaris 9 rpc.nisd to use the LDAP server for data, and converting NIS+ clients to use LDAP. Once the conversion of the clients is completed, the NIS+ service is no longer needed.
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16: The Seven Deadly Sins of Averaging
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Towards the Semantic Web
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The Cap Ends option is available only when you specify a Thin Feature to be created from a closed loop sketch. This creates a hollow, solid body in a single step. You can also use Thin Features with cuts, and they are very useful for creating slots or grooves.
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Figure 27.4 MSO Stock the Day of the Sentence.
IP Registration
The term administrative principal is not a Microsoft term (yet). The authors coined it, and you won t nd it in the Windows Server 2008 documentation.
Change bars in the MotionManager
Instead of demonstrating importation with a camera, I show you how to import video using a movie file. What I did was import video from my DV cam through a Windows XP computer; the DV cam has working drivers for XP. I saved the movie and transferred it through my computer network to my Windows Vista computer. The first step is to import the movie from a file. To do so, follow these steps:
appears. The Control Panel window opens, as shown in Figure 8-16.
Watching Video Through Vista
Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) is a technique used in transmission electron microscopy (TEM), where electrons transmit through a thin lm and energy absorbed by the thin lm during transmission is measured by an electron energy analyser. EELS is classi ed into energy loss near edge structure (ELNES) and extended energy loss ne structure (EXELFS). This classi cation is similar to XANES and EXAFS. When the electron energy is measured in the forward direction, the
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