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green superimposed on the center of the image. Each subsequent click of the multiselector s center button increases the number until DPOF9, and then the option resets and the image is no longer selected. You can also use the Rear control dial to increase the number of prints for each individual image, and the Front control dial to scroll though the images. When all the images that you want to print are marked, press the Menu button. You are asked if the amount of prints is correct, and you are given two choices: Accept or Cancel. If you mark all images for printing, a Number of Copies menu appears and asks for the number of prints per each image. You can t choose different print amounts for each individual image. Cancel all removes any DPOF markings from all images on the memory card.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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26. Click the Tooling Split icon in the CommandManager. 27. Select the Top plane, and draw a centerpoint rectangle centered on the origin so that it is 6 inches by 8 inches, and the sketch fits within the bounds of the parting surface. Make sure that you are looking at the part from the Top view. 28. Exit the sketch by using the pencil icon in the ConfirmationCorner. This enables the Tooling Split feature to continue. 29. View the part from the side, and change the depth numbers at the top of the Tooling Split PropertyManager so that the block goes down .5 inch and up 1.5 inch. Accept the feature when you are done. 30. Right-click on the blue parting line in the graphics window and select Hide. Also hide solid and surface bodies so you can see the inside of the block.
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left side of the camera that covers the mini USB port and plug one end of the supplied USB cable into the camera.
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Another way to filter your images is to apply ratings to your pictures, on a scale from one to five stars. Pictures you really like could receive a five-star rating, whereas the duds might get one star. You can provide ratings via the Info pane or using two different thumbnail view styles. To rate a picture via the Info pane, select the image you d like to rate. Then, look for the Rating link and stars in the Information section of the Info pane. To give a picture a fourstar rating, for example, click the fourth star, as shown in Figure 12-34.
Tag: the_author_meta() Description: Displays metadata about an author. Returns: True or False Arguments: 2
where A is the effective Richardson constant, dOB the Schottky barrier height at the is interface, and &jis the high-frequency permittivity. The Schottky current can be recognized by plotting J/T 2 versus E"/ 2 on a logarithmic scale. On the other hand, the Frenkel-Poole current can be recognized by plotting J/E versus El/2 on a logarithmic scale.
27.4.2 Synchronization Signals
Figure 10.13. (a) SEM image of ZnO nanorods coated with octylamine. Scale bar, 200 nm. (b) Uniform nanorod lm fabricated by spin coating of ZnO nanorods. Scale bar, 500 nm. The nanorods assemble into domains with nematic ordering. (c) Saturated transfer characteristics for a thin- lm transistor fabricated by spin coating of ZnO nanorods with different ligands: octylamine (solid line), butylamine (dashed line). Vd = 60 V. (d) Output characteristics of a spin-coated device made from octylaminestabilized ZnO nanorods. The device structure is shown in the inset in (c). Reproduced from Ref. 83, Copyright 2006, with permission from the American Chemical Society.
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> 0 has to be determined such that the total mass of fo is 1, or, equivalently, that
Most Windows users are probably familiar with the fact that windows in, ahem, Windows can appear to float onscreen, be maximized to occupy the entire desktop, and be minimized so that they are hidden in a taskbar button. There s no need to belabor these obvious capabilities here: windows in Windows 7 work pretty much like they always have. There are a few differences, however, and some cool capabilities you might not be aware of. First, if you re running the Windows Aero user experience, you will notice that the window Minimize, Restore/Maximize, and Close buttons adopt a pleasant glowing effect when you mouse over them, as they did in Windows Vista. The Minimize and Restore/ Maximize buttons glow blue, indicating that clicking these buttons is a non-destructive act. The Close button, meanwhile, glows a menacing red color. The intent is clear: click with caution. Early versions of Windows featured something called the window control button, which was previously denoted by a small icon in the upper-left corner of most windows. In Windows 7, these icons are gone, replaced by the same translucent glass look that graces the rest of the tops of most Aero windows. Amazingly, the window control button still exists: it s just hidden, an archaic artifact from the Ghost of Windows Past. To see it, just click in the upper-left corner of most windows, including all Explorer windows. Ta-da! You ll see the old pop-up window with options like Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize/Restore, and Close, as shown in Figure 4-25.
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