But you don t have to view videos this way. Instead, you can right-click a video file from within Windows Live Photo Gallery and then choose Open with from the pop-up menu. You ll see a list of applicable applications, including those that come with Windows 7 and any compatible third-party applications you may have installed yourself.
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Figure 2-3: The Transmission client used in Ubuntu.
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Watch Out!
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12: Building a Home Network ......................................................................................301 13: Internet Applications ..............................................................................................335
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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The Color Display Mode button on the Line Format toolbar toggles the display between using the layer color to using the SolidWorks sketch colors. Another setting that affects sketch display in drawings is found at Tools Options System Options Drawings Display Sketch Entity Points, which shows endpoints and arc center points in the same way that they are shown in feature sketches. n
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FIGURE 32.24 Creating Shut-offs
Memory card cover CompactFlash slot
You can, of course, determine which folders are represented in your Music Library (and in other Libraries) by adding new locations and, potentially, removing some that were previously configured. As its name suggests, the Customize Navigation Pane option provides a handy UI for determining which items appear in the Navigation pane. Shown in Figure 11-10, this window provides a simple way to hide items you ll never access, and add those you will. Finally, the Options item opens Windows Media Player s now well-hidden Options dialog. We will examine that feature more closely later in the chapter.
Part III Developing with SQL Server
Pilot pattern for Adaptive Antenna System (AAS) mode in the AMC zone.
The terminology used by SolidWorks is not always logical, for example, the heading of the PropertyManager panel that you use is called Selected Contours, but the item in the selection box is called a Region. This is why you may sometimes hear Contours referred to as Regions.
Consulting isn t a crap shoot, where we ve placed money on the pass line and hope we don t throw a 12. Consulting is art and science, probably more the former than the latter in most cases, and requires some careful planning and choreography in an attempt to maximize our chances of success. External consultants are at still another disadvantage here. They don t know all the factors mitigating for and against; they don t have time to investigate them; they have to rely on others (biased) views of support; and they often learn of opposition too late to prevent it and of support too late to exploit it. Conversely, internal people have the luxury of usually being able to carefully evaluate the forces aligned pro and con, and can do some early work to further influence the opposition and rally the supporters. There s just no substitute for being there. Yet this advance preparation often doesn t occur. Internal people walk into a project voluntarily wearing the same blinders that external people are desperately and frantically trying to shed. That sure does level the playing field, although I can t imagine why external consultants should be blessed with such largesse. The forces in most organizations that will influence organizational change projects one way or the other usually include:5 Direct reports of the buyer. Informal leaders (e.g., top salespeople, union officers, etc.). Customers. Vendors. Other, affected departments. Implementers themselves (e.g., front line supervisors). Prevailing culture. Precedent for such change. Physical environment and facilities. Equipment: amount, quantity, and capability.
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Getting Started with PowerPoint Basics
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