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Hub 10/100 Mbps Workgroup Switch Hub
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Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan
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A Phillips-head screwdriver, medium point (for device mounting screws) Other screwdriver(s) as necessary to remove the PC cover
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BW = fH fL, fc = where f = frequency coverage of the trace, fmax = highest frequency on the trace, fmin = lowest frequency on the trace. BW = frequency bandwidth,. fH = high-frequency end of desired bandwidth, fL = low-frequency end of desired bandwidth, fc = central frequency, 1 ( fL + fH ). 2
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Templates are discussed in more detail in 3.
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Figure 14-15: Zune s Now Playing mode is particularly impressive looking.
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The insert worked and the trigger printed its own version of the hello world message.
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When you refresh a Web page, you basically tell the browser to reconnect to the current Web site address. The refreshing feature comes in handy if your computer (or the Web site server) loses its connection. Refreshing Web pages is also recommended when viewing pages that are constantly updated with new information. If you monitor stock market prices online, for example, you might encounter a continuously updated (or dynamic) Web site. Obviously, you need the most recent information before deciding to buy or sell a particular stock, and refreshing your Web page gives you the latest, most accurate pricing information. Or, you might use the Refresh feature with a dynamic Web site to track scores for several basketball games that are all taking place at the same time. With a little help from the Refresh button (and a site like ESPN.com), you can be kept abreast of changing scores by clicking the Refresh button to load the most recent scores. To refresh a Web page, just click the green, circular arrow button to the immediate right of the Address bar. (See Figure 3-18.)
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The newly created program, factorial, should appear in your folder. This program uses a single command-line parameter to specify the number to calculate the factorial for. The main() function retrieves any command-line parameters and places them in the character array argv. The code then uses the atoi() function to convert the command-line parameter to an integer value, then uses a for-loop to iterate through the values, multiplying each value to obtain the factorial value. The printf() function is the standard way to send output from a C program. It uses template format codes to define the data type of the variables displayed. Each variable is matched in order as the format codes appear in the template. Running the program produces the factorial:
Shelling two sides of a block
VMAC: Voice Mobile Attenuation Code. This speci es the mobile transmit power on the voice channel (Figs. 12.4-2 and 12.4-4). Coded DCC. All messages on FOCC include the parameter DCC that indicates the color code of the transmitting base station. A mobile sending a message on a RECC transmits a seven-bit coded DCC that represents the received DCC: Received DCC 00 01 10 Coded DCC 000 0000 001 1111 110 0011
Storage Explorer
S22 S33
A cluster is generally composed of such components as:
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