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Many triggers I see in production are not written to handle the possibility of multiple-row insert, update, or delete operations. They take a value from the Inserted or Deleted table and store it in a local variable for data validation or processing. This technique checks only the last row affected by the DML statement, a serious data integrity flaw. I ve also seen databases that use cursors to step though each affected row. This is the type of slow code that gives triggers a bad name.
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connected to a separate receiver. As the likelihood is that the signal will not suffer the same level of attenuation as it disperses slightly and propagates along slightly disparate paths, the receiver with the strongest signal assumes control of the transmission. Further improvements in received signal strength can be realized by signal combiners. Frequency diversity involves the use of multiple paired transmit and receive antennas operating at different frequencies. As the likelihood is that the signals will not suffer the same level of attenuation at different frequencies, the receiver with the strongest signal assumes control of the transmission. Generally speaking and assuming that the system is designed properly, microwave performs on a par with copper wire networks in terms of error performance. 2.6.4 Distance
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21: Web Server
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A view based on the previous select statement would list the author s last name column as LastName instead of au_lname. Include only the columns of interest to the user. When columns that don t concern users are left out of the view, the view is easier to query. The columns that are included in the view are called projected columns, meaning that they project only the selected data from the entire underlying table. Plan generic, dynamic views that will have long, useful lives. Single-purpose views will quickly become obsolete and clutter the database. Build the view with the intention that it will be used with a where clause to select a subset of data. The view should return all the rows if the user does not supply a where restriction. For example, the vEventList view returns all the events; the user should use a where clause to select the local events, or the events in a certain month. If a view is needed to return a restricted set of data, such as the next month s events, then the view should calculate the next month so that it will continue to function over time. Hard-coding values such as = Dec would be poor practice. The goal when developing views is two-fold to enable users to get to the data easily and to protect the data from the users. By building views that provide the correct data, you are protecting the data from mis-queries and misinterpretation.
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1.4.3 Transparent Transistors Although transparent diodes (of interest for PV and smart windows applications) were fabricated over a decade ago, successful demonstration of transparent TFTs using various group IV oxide semiconductors are also beginning to show promise. Although these device demonstrations are scienti cally interesting, the technology is far from offering signi cant performance improvement over existing TFT technology. Researchers have reported fabricating TFTs using sputtered ZnO on Si substrates but with eld-effect mobilities of only ~ 2 cm2/V-s.71,72 Improved device performance using epitaxial InGaO3(ZnO)5 has been reported.73 However, neither of these material
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Ontologies as a result of consensus. Ontologies as consensual models of meaning can only arise as result of a process where agents agree on a certain model of the world and its interpretation.
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FIGURE 2-31 Use Program and Features to add or remove or recon gure and update programs.
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Cosmetic Thread Display
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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 17, pp. 10-30, July 2000.
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With the popularity of virtual server programs such as VMWare and Sun VirtualBox, many Linux enthusiasts load Ubuntu within a virtual environment running inside a Windows operating system. If you re trying to do that, just follow the Ubuntu installation method to replace the existing operating system on the hard drive. Just make sure that you re inside your virtual server environment before doing that!
Bytes per second Binary Phase Shift Keying BiPolar Violation Basic Rate Access Broadband Radio Access Network Basic Rate Interface Base Station Brown and Sharp Binary Synchronous Communications Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX Broadband Switching System Burst Tolerance Basic Trading Area Broadband Terminal Adapter Broadband Terminal Equipment Broadband User Network Interface Broadcast and Unknown Server Broadband Wireless Access constant, velocity of light in a vacuum Conventional Carrier Access Charge Computer-Aided Design Common Air Interface Customer Access Line Charge CANcel Carrierless Amplitude Modulation, Competitive Access Provider Common ISDN Applications Programming Interface Centralized Attendant Service Category Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology Community Antenna TeleVision Citizens Band Connectionless Broadband Data Service Constant Bit Rate Comit consultatif international des radiocommunications (International Radio Consultative Committee) Comit Consultatif International T l graphique et T l phonique (International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee) Complementary Code Keying Carrier Common Line Charge Centum Call Second, Common Channel Signaling country code Top-Level Domain Communications Decency Act
Figure 13.10 The CORREL function in Microsoft Excel.
z ( t ) = 0 for t < tl and/or t > t 2
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