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Performing Bulk Operations
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CrossReference You can manually control the statistics using DBCC commands, which are covered in 37, Maintaining the Database.
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Set the Assembly, Edit Part color to a shade of blue, and the Assembly, Non-Edit Parts to a shade of gray. Also set the Assembly Transparency for In Context Edit setting to Force Assembly Transparency, with the slider at around 90 percent.
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Part III
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2. In general, the safety and neutral conductors of a facility may not be suitable as a reference ground, as these conductors may carry extraneous disturbance voltages that can have undefined RF impedances. 3. If no suitable reference ground is available in the surrounding area of the test object or at the place of measurement, sufficiently large conductive structures such as metal foils, metal sheets, or wire meshes set up in the proximity can be used as reference ground for measurement purposes. 8.1.2 Immunity Testing For immunity testing, one needs to understand what the system does and how it does it. If the system resets during an immunity test, then one may need to examine the RESET line on a PCB. Many times, in attempting to resolve an immunity problem, one must force an error condition to occur. The purpose is to find the main noise entry point. This can be accomplished by disconnecting cables or loads and by shorting inputs. Using localized noise sources with hand-held probes is useful to discover entry points. For both immunity and emissions tests, isolating circuit sections or devices by breaking or shorting out signal paths can be one approach to use. Remember to keep in mind the basic facts regarding testing and troubleshooting. Magnetic fields are caused by low impedance and changing current circuits while an electric field is caused by high impedance and changing voltage circuits. The human body is a dielectric and conductive to electric fields; it reflects and absorbs electromagnetic radiated fields. Sources are characterized by their amplitude and spectrum content (waveform) while victims or receptors are characterized by their sensitivity level and bandwidth. The terms source and receptor are relative terms. A device or circuit creating an EMI problem can easily become the receptor in another application. It would not be at all strange for one device or circuit to be both source and receptor in the same assembly. Considerations Related to Immunity Testing. When performing immunity tests, the following are concerns if a product is to be tested in an uncontrolled environment: 1. What is the local environment in regard to transient or radiated noise based upon intended application of use 2. What specific areas of the EUT need attention Each host system may be different in configuration, and susceptibility levels may be totally passive. 3. Is the equipment chosen to do the test the right one For example, which type of injection probe is to be used for conducted immunity testing 4. Has proper calibration been performed on the injection probes and other test equipment, and what was the last date of calibration 5. If not possible to perform an immunity test due to physical limitations or installation, is there another test option that can be used to evaluate total immunity levels
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The paging channel transmits system and call information from the BS to the MS. Several paging channels can exist within each cell; each of them is a 9.6-kbit/s channel. The information on the paging channel can include the following: Page message to indicate incoming call. System information and instructions: handoff thresholds; maximum number of unsuccessful access attempts; list of surrounding cell PN-offsets; channel assignment messages. Acknowledgments to access requests.
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If you select too much content, Media Center will warn you that the TV shows (or videos) must be burned at a lower-quality level in order to fit everything on the disc. You can choose to remove a TV show or video or accept the lower quality.
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FIGURE 12-6 An LPR port error.
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The Check Disk dialog box appears. (See Figure 11-20.)
A smart card is really dumb looking. It is no bigger than a credit card and is carried around like one. Smart cards work just like ATM cards; you slide the card into a slot, and then you are prompted for a personal identi cation number (PIN). The smart card contains a smart chip that is wafer-thin and embedded in the card. The chip holds a digital certi cate, the user s private key, and a load of other information that can be used for Single Sign-On, e-commerce, access control, and data protection and privacy, such as securing e-mail and Web access. The more modern form of a smart card is not really a card at all; it s more like a plug or a dongle. Thanks to USB technology, the dongle plugs into the USB port of your workstation or server. The chip is installed inside the casing of the plug. These USB devices are easier to carry around, and typically allow for more data storage than the older credit-card-type smart cards. To install smart card technology, you must have a public key infrastructure established. You must also install smart card readers, which can be a little expensive, but capitalized over many users, it will pay for itself in TCO and security.
layer, also known as LAPD (Link Access Protocol for D-channel), and the network layer. The functions of LAPD are comparable to those of MTP. The network layer includes protocols comparable to those of ISUP. The network-layer protocols are usually referred to as Q.931 protocols because they have been speci ed in ITU-T Recommendation Q.931. As in SS7, LAPD and the network layer communicate by passing primitives (Section 7.3).
Table 17-4: Date/Time Data Types
Figure 5.9. The concept of making an oxide lm from liquid silicon materials.
All of these features become especially useful when a hardware failure is encountered. An example scenario: A domain panics, and Sun determines that a CPU is the culprit and must be replaced. Instead of risking further downtime, you can blacklist the system board containing the CPU in question if the domain is down, or if you manage to get it back up, you can dr out the afflicted board if there is no dependent
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