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Service Location records (SRV)
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(after Liu et al., Ref. 17.)
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If 0is not compact, let x denote the point at infinity in its one-point compactification.
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To manually create the parting surfaces for this part, I tackled the hard part first, which turns out to be easy once you know a couple of tricks. The first thing I did was to create a sketch and use it to lay out directions that I could pull off the non-planar sections of the parting line. Figure 32.29 shows three lines that identify the non-planar top, base of grip, and trigger areas. The sketch lines lead in directions that those edges could be projected without running into other geometry. Then the edges of each non-planar portion of the parting line were converted into sketch entities in a 3D sketch, and extruded as a surface along each of these three directions. From there, it was simple to create planar surfaces between the non-planar sections. This technique may not work for all non-planar parting lines, but it does work for this one.
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Window Arrangements: Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically
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It is sometimes difficult for new users to understand the difference between being in a sketch and being out of a sketch, or the difference between editing the sheet as opposed to the sheet format. In the same way, confusion frequently surrounds the difference between sketching in a view and sketching on a sheet. The easiest way to determine if a sketch will be associated with a view or with the drawing sheet is to look at the prompt in the lower-right corner of the SolidWorks window, on the status bar, which displays the message, Editing Sheet, Editing Sheet Format, or Editing View. This issue becomes especially important when you want to do something with a sketch entity, but it is grayed out and unavailable. This means that whatever entity is active is not the one that the sketch entity is on. Drawing views expand to contain all the sketch entities that are associated with the view, and so if you see a view that is extended on one side, larger than it should be, then it could be extended to contain the grayed-out sketch entity. Activate the sheet and the suspected views; when the sketch entity turns from gray to black, you have found the place where it resides.
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