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Any new computer you buy is going to be multi-core or multi-processor, with two, four, or eight cores. You may hear people say that SolidWorks is not multithreaded (this basically means that it can only do computations serially one after another instead of in parallel), but this is not necessarily true. The response of SolidWorks to multi-core processors varies greatly, depending on what types of work you are doing. For loading assemblies, drawings, stress analysis, rendering, and some of the more complex multi-body solid or surface modeling operations, multi-core is extremely helpful. If you use your computer for more than one task at a time, then a multi-core processor will be useful to you. For example, while you are waiting for SolidWorks to do an operation on a long FeatureManager or large assembly, you can also check your e-mail or fill in an Excel spreadsheet. This kind of multi-tasking definitely benefits from a multi-core processor. Drawings also benefit from multiple processors, as well as some advanced feature types. I suspect that multi-body parts are able to take advantage of the technology as well. This includes most surfaced parts, given most surface models are also multi-body models. However, if you are simply calculating a list of features in a single part, and each feature is dependent on the feature before it, then a multi-core processor may be of little advantage to you. Simple solid parts probably get the least benefit from multi-core arrangements.
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A rule is similar to a check constraint except it s created independently and then bound to a column. Once a rule is created it may be bound to multiple columns or user-defined data types. The rule consists only of a name and a Boolean expression. The Boolean expression can refer to data using the @ character followed by the name of a data column. The following code demonstrates creating a rule that tests the birthday column and ensures that future births aren t entered:
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A reduced subcarrier spacing of 7.5 kHz is also foreseen, together with an extended cyclic pre x. In that case, only 3 OFDM symbols t into one slot; but 24 subcarriers are contained in one RB.
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One of the first questions that new users tend to ask is how to turn off the grid in sketches. This is unfortunate, because the grid is most useful for new users, mainly to help them keep track of when they are in or out of Sketch mode. The Grid/Snap options are shown in Figure B.89.
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on the left side of the Newsgroup Subscriptions window. When you first open this window, the Microsoft Communities account is selected. Click the icon for the account you created to personalize your own newsgroup data.
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Figure 4.15. The new fonts in Windows Vista.
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Double Balanced Resistive Mixer
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+ bq + cr + dS)2 + (ar - bs + cp + dq)2 + (as + br - cq + dp)2 + (aq + bp + cs - dr)2.
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The term packet can be used both in the general sense introduced at the beginning of this chapter and in a speci c sense to distinguish a L3 PDU from a L2 or L4 PDU. The context usually makes the sense clear.
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