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Figure 35-4: TextBox Control with the TextMode set to Password Figure 35-5: Using the TextBox control Figure 35-6: The second set of displayed controls. This shows the output of a CheckBoxList control and a Label control. Figure 35-7: Using both the RadioButton and RadioButtonList controls Figure 35-8: Using the DropDownList control Figure 35-9: Using the ListBox control Figure 35-10: Using the Button control Figure 35-11: Working with the HyperLink control Figure 35-12: Wrapping other controls in the Panel control Figure 35-13: Using the Table control to specify rows and columns Figure 35-14: Basic Calendar control Figure 35-15: Calendar control with some style applied Figure 35-16: Data Binding to a DropDownList control Figure 35-17: The Microsoft Access Customers table in Design view Figure 35-18: Using the DataList control with Access Figure 35-19: A simple DataGrid control Figure 35-20: A DataGrid control with some styles added
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6 Click in the grid to activate the
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Figure 16-35: The Live experience in Windows requires a compatible game and supplies much of the functionality Xbox 360 users are familiar with.
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Dial-Up Modems
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The key to this wizard is the Create a Second Partition phase, where you can graphically resize the partition layout on the hard disk between Mac OS X and Windows, as shown in Figure 2-50. (Macs with multiple hard drives can be configured such that Mac OS X and Windows occupy different physical disks, if desired.)
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The Point deform option enables you to push a point on the model, and the model deforms as if it were rubber. Figure 7.62 shows the PropertyManager, as well as a before-and-after example of the Point deform function. The key to using this feature is to ensure that the Deform region option is unselected. Aside from that, you just have to use trial and error when applying the Point deform option. The depth, diameter, and shape of the deformation are not very precise. Also, you cannot specify the precise location for the point to be deformed. Again, this is best used for looks-like models, not production data.
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Public Property TextureImage() As Bitmap Get Return m_TextureImage End Get Set(ByVal Value As Bitmap) m_TextureImage = Value Me.Refresh() End Set End Property
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A setting in Tools, Options controls the display of errors. You can select Tools Options FeatureManager to find an option called Display Warnings, where you can choose Always, Never, and All but Top Level. When a sketch contains sketch relations with errors, they display as warning signs on the sketch, and will propagate to the top level of a part or assembly if you have chosen the Always option.
Part IV
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Work Product Meeting announcements Meeting minutes/agendas Project estimates and Plan Work breakdown structure Level of Control No control File date stamp and save in a repository Version unique identification Configuration Management baseline control with board approval
The larger sized cable is the phone cable and the smaller cable is the serial cable. The current probes are placed on the two cables in the same orientation with respect to the equipment. The expected current entering the phone line should be of opposite polarity as the current on the serial line. The first peak of the current on the phone cable is 800 mA. The serial cable carries a little less than half of that current, about +300 mA, in a direction away from the equipment. There is a slight time delay of about 1 ns between the two currents, representing the time it takes for the current to enter the equipment and then exit on the other cable. The small amount of noise to the left of the current peaks is due to radiation directly through the air from the ESD source. Figure 9.14 shows the second current probe moved from the serial cable to the power cable. The result is shown in Figure 9.15. Figure 9.15 illustrates that the power cable conducts a little over +150 mA away from the equipment. Twice as much current is being conducted on the serial cable as on the power cable. This information allows a designer to pay attention to the circuitry around the phone and serial cables. Hopefully, there is no critical circuitry between the connectors associated with these cables and the PCB that can be disrupted by undesired ESD currents. Often, the cable or cables carrying noise into the equipment are not known. For this situation, a pair of current probes can be used to find the relative direction and magnitude of cables carrying currents into or out of the system. Usually, the offending current is primarily coming in on one cable and exiting on one or more of the other cables.
Let Ocm) and d m ) trial values for 0 and 0 , and put ~i = yi - f i ( Q c m ) ) . Define be (7.1 19)
Let s write an example program using the Product class so that we can see OOP in action. Just follow these steps: 1. Create a file called example1.php in the /var/www/html folder. 2. Open the file in a text editor and add the following code:
Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
You can always make adjustments to your Speech Recognition properties by clicking the Advanced Speech Options link in the left column of the Speech Recognition Options window. Here, you can adjust whether you want Vista s Speech Recognition tool to start when Windows is launched and/or whether you want to allow Vista to review your other documents to improve upon its speech recognition accuracy. Click the Advance Speech Options link, select the Speech Recognition tab, and use the check boxes provided in the User Settings section to make adjustments to your speech setting preferences. (If a check mark is present, these options are activated. If there is no check mark, these options are not enabled.)
Appendix B: Template Tags
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