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The Ubuntu installation process is, as promised, quite simple and easy to follow. Because you learn best by doing, I only briefly talk about the major steps involved as you follow the procedure. If this is your first time, you should accept every default suggestion that the installer presents to you. In my case, the installer automatically detected my time zone and keyboard layout. During the hard disk partitioning step, the installer recommended and I accepted the option to use the entire disk. It s a virtual disk anyway, so that s fine.
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Figure 3.3.20 A microfocus source of X-rays from Oxford Instruments, Inc. is collimated by a polycapillary semilens followed by a metal tube with two apertures. A protein single crystal is then placed between the collimator and the image plate detector for oscillation photography of the diffraction pattern
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REFERENCES a ring-type geometry and three detectors for the measurement of the three components: a telescope of two Si detectors for the measurement of particles and protons and a Si-PIN X-ray detector with its preampli er. One of the most exciting aspects of the Mars Path nder APXS experiment is the way it will be deployed to analyse Martian surface soil and rock samples. While usually the APXS instrument is deployed after the landing, and therefore it will analyse whatever single sample happens to be under the instrument, the APXS on the Mars Path nder is mounted on one end of a rover that will give it unlimited mobility around the landing site. The deployment mechanism will place the APXS vertically for soil analysis and horizontally against a rock. A laboratory unit identical to the ight unit was used in the laboratory to derive the elemental library and to establish the accuracy and the detection limits of the Mars Path nder APXS instrument (Figure 5.3.28). Figure 5.3.28 also shows X-ray spectra of the Allende meteorite obtained in the laboratory instrument using 244 Cm excitation source. The resolution of the Si-PIN detector is even better than the previous version based on HgI2 detectors: it is good enough to separate the K lines from almost all elements and for the heavier elements even the K lines. There were other advantages: Si, besides being a much easier material to handle and procure for space applications produces signi cantly better signal to noise ratio, especially in the 1 10 keV X-ray region. The X-ray spectra provide information on elements heavier than Na, but matrix effects play an important role. The approach taken is an interactive one: in a rst step, data from the and proton spectra are combined and the complex sample spectrum is decomposed into its individual components, using a least square tting procedure with a library of standard spectra, and applying appropriate corrections for matrix effects. In a second step the X-ray spectra are analysed, using a library of standard spectra and the results from the rst step for matrix corrections. This step
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Diversification Flaw of Averages (weak form)
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Weldments are based on either a single 3D frame sketch or a set of 2D sketches, usually denoting the centerlines or edges of the various structural elements. This creates a special type of part in the same way that the Sheet Metal commands create a special type of part. Structural profiles are placed on the frame sketch to propagate and create individual bodies for the separate pieces of the weldment. Custom profiles are easily created as library features, and you can add custom properties to the library features, and the custom properties then propagate to the Cut lists.
If you pay close attention to the size of your files after you save them, you may notice that SolidWorks files alternately double or halve in size. What is happening is that SolidWorks makes a copy of the data within the file, which effectively doubles the file size. When you perform a Save As function, the size may return to normal. However, this technique does not continue to cut the file size in half every time you do it. Under normal circumstances, files range between the normal file size and twice the normal file size. It should also be noted that the file size reduction is not permanent, and the file size is likely to double again the next time you save it.
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