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Robust Statistics, Second Edition. By Peter J. Huber Copyright @ 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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The Keyboard Configuration window lists the types of keyboards commonly used, based on your country. The list on the left contains countries, and the list on the right shows the known keyboard types used in the country selected. First, select your country from the list on the left, then select your keyboard type from the list on the right (you can click in the keyboard list and type the name of your keyboard to quickly jump to it). Beneath the two lists is an area where you can test the keyboard selection. Just type any special or unique characters available on your keyboard to see whether the setting you selected produces the proper characters.
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In this chapter, you've seen how powerful the customization features of Visual Studio .NET are. You learned how to customize your profile options, window layout, and keyboard/shortcut settings, as well as customize editor and designer windows. You also learned how to customize menu and toolbar commands. In addition, you learned how to modify and add external tools to the environment. And finally, you learned how to customize and create macros that interact with the environment.
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A zero distance offset surface is frequently used to copy faces. n
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function my_function() { global $wpdb; // Function code here }
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Weaknesses in Session Token Handling
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Using the Instant Search, not only can you find Start menu applications by typing the first letters, you can also find hidden files as well as system files. This is helpful, for example, when calling the Microsoft Management Console.
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