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Figure 6.2-1. Protocol stack for TMC and CSC signaling.
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Figure 43.2 Profit by division for each housing market condition.
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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n PropertyManager Color: The PropertyManager window is treated separately from the FeatureManager window.
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Aside from simply viewing an e-mail, you can also perform a number of other actions at this point: 33 Respond: In traditional, PC- or web-based e-mail solutions, you will typically see separate Reply, Reply to All, and Forward buttons, allowing you to respond in different ways to the current message. Windows Phone, of course, is working with dramatically less onscreen real estate than is the PC. So these three options
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3. Can you compress a video file When/why might you want to do this
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Figure 27.18 shows the Fill Surface blending an intersection between tubes. The image to the left shows the before condition with the tubes coming together at an edge. The center image shows the edge trimmed out using the Trim feature, and the right image shows the hole blended over by the Fill Surface feature.
Evaluate the trained models to determine which model predicts the outcome most reliably, and to decide whether the accuracy will be adequate to meet business goals. The mining accuracy chart view provides tools for performing the evaluation. The charts visible within this view are enabled by supplying data on the Column Mapping tab. First ensure that the mining structure to be evaluated is selected in the left-hand table. Press the Select Case Table button on the right-hand table and choose either the training or test data table to view. The joins between the selected table and the mining structure will map automatically for matching column names, or can be manually mapped by drag-and-drop when a match is not found. Verify that each non-key column in the mining structure participates in a join. Once the source data has been specified, switch to the Lift Chart tab, and verify that Lift Chart is selected from the Chart Type list box (see Figure 44-2). Because the source data (either training or test) contains the predicted column(s), the lift chart can compare each model s prediction against the actual outcome. The lift chart plots this information on %Correct versus %Population axes, so when 50 percent of the population has been checked, the perfect model will have predicted 50 percent correctly. In fact, the chart automatically includes two useful reference lines: the Ideal Model, which indicates the best possible performance, and the Random Guess, which indicates how often randomly assigned outcomes happen to be correct.
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A noise gure NF of 1 indicates that the input ratio of the signal to noise is equal to the output ratio of signal to noise; in other words, the total output noise is equal to only the output noise caused by the input noise power. In short, there is no additional noise existing in the circuit block if the noise gure of the circuit block is 1, or 0 dB. An ideal or noise-free circuit block never exists in practical RF circuit blocks. Therefore, in a practical RF circuit block, the ratio of signal to noise, S/N, the noise, and the noise gure are always So S < i , No Ni No > GNi = No,i, or, NF > 1 (or 0 dB) . 18.3.2 Noise Figure in a Noisy Two-port RF Block As mentioned in 1, based on Haus s theory (1960), the noise gure of a noisy block can be expressed by NF = NFmin + where YS = GS + jBS, YS ,opt = GS ,opt + jBS ,opt , and NF = noise gure of the noisy block, NFmin = minimum of noise gure of the noisy block, Rn = equivalent noise resistance, YS = admittance of input source, GS = conductance of input source, BS = subceptance of input source, YS,opt = optimum admittance of input source, GS,opt = optimum conductance of input source, BS,opt = optimum subceptance of input source. The profound signi cance of this equation is that there is an optimum admittance of input source existing in a noisy RF block, when YS = YS ,opt , (18.71) (18.69) (18.70) Rn 2 2 (GS GS ,opt ) + ( BS BS ,opt ) . Gs (18.68) (18.67) (18.65) (18.66)
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