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Figure 7.9 Test setup for ESD testing (floor-standing equipment, laboratory setup). (Illustration courtesy of IEEE Press [11].)
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Before getting to that, however, you should also be aware that many portable computers especially those made before 2008 simply don t include enough graphical processing power to even run Windows Aero. If this is the case, you will typically see the Windows 7 Basic user interface instead. (On some versions of Windows 7, there s also an option called Windows Standard that offers an enticing middle ground between the beauty of Windows Aero and the power management thriftiness and performance of Windows Classic, the low-end user interface that is designed to resemble the user interface from Windows 2000.)
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In previous versions of Windows you could type a Web address (for example, a URL) in the address bar of any Explorer window and press Enter to change the Explorer window into an instance of Internet Explorer. This no longer works the same way in Windows 7: now, when you type a Web address into an Explorer address bar and press Enter, a new Internet Explorer window opens and loads that page.
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technique based on a 109 Cd source was developed for bone lead measurements. In the beginning, an annular source was used (Somervaille et al., 1985) but was later replaced by a point-source, placed in front of a large area detector. This resulted in an improved precision (Gordon et al., 1993). A third technique, uses low photon energy LXRF from bone lead excited from a 109 Cd source or an X-ray tube (Ao et al., 1997b; Rosen, 1997; Figure 7.1.5). Methodological differences in KXRF and the short-sighted LXRF presumably imply that the KXRF and LXRF methods provide complementary information. Recently, Todd (2002a,b) reviewed the LXRF method and showed that predicted bone lead and measurement uncertainty were in uenced by the choice of linear attenuation coef cient, with which to correct for overlying tissue. Inter-individual variability in body composition, methodological uncertainty in the ultrasound measurement of overlying tissue thickness as well as discrepancy between the site of LXRF and the site of ultrasound measurement were also important factors. Interference from lead in non-bone tissues may not be negligible. A combination of radionuclide KXRF and tube LXRF has been proposed, however, Todd et al. (2002a) found that the variability of the method was large enough to give concerns regarding the application of this method at all for in vivo
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Figure 16.13 Spiral con guration of an inductor in IC chip.
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x64: Is It Time
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IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
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CrossReference To read about creating DML triggers and their many uses, turn to 23, Creating DML Triggers.
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Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University, Japan and
Raised cosine pulse and root-raised cosine pulse.
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