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You create new folders for an account by right-clicking on the account and selecting New Folder from the resulting menu. After creating new folders, move mail messages simply by dragging and dropping them from the message list to the folder where you want to store them.
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Two Cats Two Tigers
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LOW-ENERGY ELECTRON PROBE MICROANALYSIS AND SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY is a bad choice in all respects. Charging of nonconductive specimens under these conditions can be severe. In extreme cases of charging the electron beam is re ected off the specimen and scans the microscope chamber. The sheye lens view of the specimen chamber of our JSM6340F, shown in Figure 5.6.1, was obtained in this way. It reveals the liquid-nitrogen-cooled anticontamination plate just below the objective lens, the in-lens secondary electron detector (SED), the retracted backscattered electron detector (BSED), the chamber camera and the end cap of the EDS detector. Not visible is the conventional secondary electron detector or lower electron detector (LED) below the objective lens. The Jeol JSM-6340F is a digital FEG-SEM with a cold eld emission electron source and a semi-in-lens type objective lens (OL) (Nakagawa, 1994; Yamamoto et al., 1996; Yamamoto et al., 1999). The semi-in-lens type OL induces a strong magnetic eld on the sample. The eld rolls up almost all the secondary electrons into the OL, where they are guided towards the in-lens SED by means of a set of accelerating and retarding electrodes. This is schematically represented in Figure 5.6.2. An important consequence is that the relative contribution of backscattered electrons to the LED image is much larger than for an out-oflens type OL. Images of metal oxide particles and of the surface of a polymer-based membrane shown in Figure 5.6.3, illustrate the importance of carefully selecting an appropriate beam energy. Here, the effect on image quality and information depth when the beam energy is reduced from a conventional 20 keV to a relatively low 5 keV are dramatic. Figure 5.6.4 demonstrates the highresolution capabilities of a modern FEG-SEM at low beam energies. The images are from aluminium surfaces anodised under different conditions. They were obtained in the JSM-6340F at 5 keV, working distance (WD) 5 6 mm, original magni cation 100 000 ; approximately 1.5 2 nm of Pt Pd coat was applied by sputtering. Note that instead of trying to achieve dynamic charge balance conditions at E2, we are working at slightly higher beam energies and have applied a very thin
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Part VI
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All log output is directed to one or more channels. There is no limit to the number of channels you can define. Four are predefined: default_syslog, default_debug, default_stderr, and null. These cannot be redefined. The default definitions are shown in the following listing:
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Public Overloads Overrides Sub Write( _ ByVal Message As String) sw.Write(Message) End Sub
The inserted capacitive reactance, X = XC, is negative and its magnitude decreases as the operating frequency increases. The insertion of a capacitor in series, CS, results in the original impedance P moving counter-clockwise along the r = constant impedance circle. The movement arc length depends on the value of capacitor.
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