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The table must have a clustered index, and the clustered index cannot be modified while the XML indexes are in place. Once the Primary is in place, secondary XML indexes (such as those following) can be created to improve XQuery performance: Value: Indexes the data values for searching by value Path: Indexes the XML node names for searching the XML structure Property: Optimizes name/value pair predicates
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7: Design Concepts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .187
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leep is for the weak. Sometimes, due to deadlines, I tend to make sleep a relatively low priority. Most of the time, however, my sleep deficit is due to the reason I firmly believe computers were invented: gaming. I play games every day. I review games for money, and also for the pleasure of partaking in this fantastic, modern diversion. You can do all kinds of things with a computer, but as far as I m concerned, all other PC-centric activities take a back seat to gaming. Windows Vista Ultimate, in speaking to the staunchest computer enthusiast, is truly a gamer s operating system. Microsoft packed a lot of gaming muscle into this operating system, focusing more on the pastime than it ever has in prior versions of Windows. Perhaps this focus is overkill for the casual gamer, the one to whom Mahjong or The Sims is the pinnacle of computer entertainment, but all gamers, casual and hardcore alike, will appreciate at least some of Vista s gaming features. Hardcore gamers who are they They are the people who play games that bring computers to their knees. Not everyone grows visibly excited when they read the capabilities of a new graphics engine, but a gaming enthusiast sees features like support for advanced shader models and emerging physics engines as enticements to invest in the latest titles. Hardcore gamers are the people who would rather spend their money on computer equipment than food. They are PC gearheads not because they care so much about electronics or logic circuitry, but because they want to be able to run their games with all the graphics detail turned up and still achieve high frame rates. They re the people who buy those graphics cards
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where h, k, and l refer to the Miller indices of individual re ections.50 The d spacing of the 220 re ection was used to calculate a, and the d spacing of the 112 re ection was used, with the calculated lattice parameter a, to determine c. The lattice parameters, c/a ratio, and the distortion parameter x (where x = 2 c/a, given that a hypothetical c/a ratio of 2 would result in the absence of any tetragonal distortion) are presented in Table 6.4. Comparison of the data collected from the CuGaS2 lm shows they are in good agreement with
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to select it, and then type a file name. In this example, MotivationTheory was typed. Make sure Open file after publishing is selected ( ).
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Note: See the section Navigate Slides to locate the destination slide.
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Layered Reference Models. Protocols for packet-based communication are described in terms of a hierarchy of layers, called a reference model, whose purpose is to provide a framework for modular design and implementation. Each layer can be viewed as a logical function that provides a service to the layer above it and communicates with the peer layer function at the other end of the connection. That enables the de nition of standard interfaces between layers, which in turn allow independent development or modi cation of each layer s functions without affecting other layers. Two reference models are most widely used:
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Let POand PI two composite hypotheses as in the preceding section, and let QO be and Q1 be a least favorable pair with probability ratio ~ ( z= ql(z)/qo(z). saw ) We that this pair is least favorable for all fixed sample sizes. What happens if we use the sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) between QOand Q to discriminate between 1 POand PI Put y(z) = log ~ ( zand let us agree that the SPRT terminates as soon as )
Having a central location for game saves makes migrating to a new computer far easier than it ever has been in the past. Gamers tend to upgrade frequently, and one of the problems with moving to a new PC is that game saves tend to be all over the file system. Some saves are in the game folders themselves, others are in the My Documents folder, and so on. Look for that trend to evaporate as more and more games use the Vista Saved Games folder to store your saves.
3. Click Yes to begin the Remote Assistance session.
Xbox Live is pure genius. I ve enjoyed games like Rockstar Games Table Tennis and, more recently, the phenomenal Gears of War (see the following figure) against people far away simply by networking my Xbox 360 to my broadband router and subscribing to the Xbox Live Gold service.
SolidWorks Basics
Automattic is the sponsor of WordPress, but also runs WordPress.com, its flagship offering. Automattic offers a variety of products that can, in many cases, be used on WordPress and non-WordPress blogs. Akismet, IntenseDebate, and PollDaddy are a few examples. Automattic also contributes and shepherds a number of open source projects, including WordPress. Some of these are BuddyPress, bbPress, and the WordPress app for iPhone. WordPress.com themes and plugins must be GPL-compliant. Themes included for WordPress.com must have clean code, should be widgetized, and should not rely on other plugins that might not exist on WordPress.com. Plugins should not allow users to include JavaScript and should use shortcodes for insertion of potentially dangerous material. Plugins and theme inclusion is driven in large part by demand from the WordPress.com user community. You can tweak and enhance your WordPress.com blog by buying premium upgrades like VideoPress, domain mapping, and Custom CSS.
throughout the World Wide Web. This format identifies the protocol used to access the file (such as HTTP or FTP), the server where the file is located, and the complete path of the server to access the file. The Edit menu contains the standard cut, copy, and paste functions, along with a neat feature that allows you to easily enter the date and time in several different formats in the text. The View menu allows you to customize what elements appear in the gedit window, as well as define how gedit formats the text in the Edit pane. You can use the View menu to disable the tool bar, status bar, or the side pane for the window. The status bar appears at the bottom of the window, showing the current line and column where the cursor is, the current edit mode (Insert or Overwrite), and the status when opening or saving files. The side pane produces a list of all the files opened in the gedit session. The Highlight mode in the View menu allows you to specify what type of text file is in the editor buffer. Gedit has the ability to use a different color scheme to identify different elements in a text file. For example, in programming files, gedit can use different colors for keywords, function names, and constants. Gedit determines the type of content contained in a text file by examining the filename extension. Many programming languages use specific filename extensions to identify files, such as .c for C language programs, .sh for shell script programs, and .php for PHP programs. When gedit detects that in a filename, it automatically sets the appropriate file type. The Search menu provides a standard find function, which produces a dialog box where you can enter the text to find and select how the find should work (matching case, matching the whole word, and the search direction). It also provides an incremental search feature, which works in real-time mode, finding text as you type characters of the word.
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