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Me.SqlCommand1.Parameters.Add(New _ System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("@ContactName", _
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Now let VO and zll be two 2-alternating capacities on R, and let go and g1 be their conjugates. Let A be a critical region for testing between PO = {P E MIP 5 VO} and PI= { P E MIP 5 V l } ; that is, reject P if J: E A is observed. Then the o upper probability of falsely rejecting POis co(A),and that of falsely accepting POis Gl(A") = 1 - z l ( A ) . Assume that POis true with prior probability t / ( l t ) , 0 5 t 5 m; then the upper Bayes risk of the critical region A is, by definition,
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Figure 27.18 shows the Fill Surface blending an intersection between tubes. The image to the left shows the before condition with the tubes coming together at an edge. The center image shows the edge trimmed out using the Trim feature, and the right image shows the hole blended over by the Fill Surface feature.
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Date Calculation: In this display (see Figure 4-73), Calculator provides various date/time calculations, including the difference between two dates and adding or subtracting days to a specific date.
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0 Difference in parameter Figure 11.8 Systematic mismatch p and random mismatch caof differences in parameters of two identically designed components.
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5 Click OK.
Other applications, like Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, support finger flicks, which let you navigate back and forth from view to view by flicking your finger. In IE, for example, you can emulate the Back command by flicking your finger to the right within IE. To go Forward, flick to the left. Media Center (covered in 15) is another application that is uniquely suitable for Windows Touch because of its overly large buttons and other UI controls. Media Player, too, is designed for touch access. And it s no mistake that taskbar buttons are large and square in Windows 7: they re touch friendly. To trigger a taskbar button Jump List, just tap the button and, while holding down, swoop upwards. As you can see in Figure 4-80, the Jump List will spring to life. (You can emulate this with a mouse too, if you re looking for unique new ways to use a mouse in Windows 7.)
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