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Often when modeling, you are required to have a left- and a right-handed part. For this, you need to use a method other than body or feature mirroring. The Mirror Part command creates a brand new part, by mirroring an existing part. The new part does not inherit all the features of the original, and so any changes must be created in the original part. If you want different versions of the two parts, you need to use Configurations, which have not been covered yet in this book.
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AB.5 The Adobe Camera Raw work space
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Amazingly, the Windows Anytime Upgrade process takes just 15 minutes to complete, though it does require a couple of reboots.
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SolidWorks Basics
In This
u or fu = undesired angular frequency or frequency, d or fd = desired angular frequency or frequency. The IM product of the undesired signal with frequencies u in transfer function (18.160) containing the term with frequency 2 u = d is
Coulomb scattering, MOSFET transport properties, 104 mobility models, 108 universal mobility, 106-107 Coupled oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), highly integrated transceivers, 529-535 Coupling ratios, floating-gate memory physics, channel hot-electron (CHE) injection, 382-383 Critical current density, inner-box shaped transistor, static characteristics, 33-35 Critical dose, silicon-on-insulator (SO) devices., SIMOX (separation by implanted oxygen), 226-227 Crystal, band structure, dispersion relationship, 155-160 Crystal momentum, semiclassical electron dynamics, 161-163 Curie constant, ferroelectric memory, polarization and temperature dependence, 455 Curie temperature, ferroelectric memory, materials and structure, 450-452 Curie-Weiss behavior, ferroelectric memory, polarization and temperature dependence, 454-455 Current continuity equations, MOSFET models, device scaling, 84-88 Current-controlled oscillator (CCO), vs. voltagecontrolled oscillators (VCOs), highly integrated transceivers, 533-535 Current density, Boltzmann transport equation (BTE), 193 Current dependency, inner-box shaped transistor: high-frequency behavior, 38-39 static characteristics, 32-35 Current mode logic (CML), CMOS digital switching, 485-487 Cutoff oscillation frequencies: digital applications, 585-597 mixed-signal circuits, feature size, system-onchip concepts, 641-642 Cutoff region, bipolar transistors, 20 CVD TiSi 2 deposition, high-speed digital applications, raised source/drain structures, 574-575 Czochralski growth, silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) material, 222-223 Damage region: charge-pumping detection, localization of, 307-308 length of, 311
Metallic wire winding
Difference from Top20 Products: Difference between a given product s order count and the top 20 average Top 20 Products: Created as part of the product hierarchy to get a row to display showing the top-20 average. Because this row will display for a couple of measures, the numeric_expression is omitted so that it will be calculated in the context of the cell being displayed.
probably be a meta content type tag to ensure browsers know how to handle odd characters. To do this, you can add two more bloginfo() references this time, to html_type (typically text/html) and charset (generally UTF-8); see Listing 12.9.
Face Curves applies the underlying U-V isoparameter mesh to a selected face. It is most commonly used as an evaluation tool for complex surfaces, but you can also use it to create curves to rebuild faces. Accepting the results by clicking OK creates a separate 3D sketch for each spline. Figure 3.22 shows the original surface and the results of using face curves on a complex lofted surface.
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