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Developing ontologies is central to our vision of Semantic Web-based knowledge management. The methodology described in 3 guides the development of ontologies for different applications. However, because of the size of ontologies, their complexity, their formal underpinnings and the necessity to come towards a shared understanding within a group of people when de ning an ontology, ontology construction is still far from being a well-understood process. In recent years, research has aimed at paving the way for the construction of ontologies by ontology development environments (Duineveld et al., 1999; Fridman et al., 2000; Arprez et al., 2001). Different directions have been taken to support the engineering of ontologies: 1. Several seminal proposals for guiding the ontology development process by engineering methodologies have been described (Uschold and King, 1995; Lopez et al., 1999), which in uenced the ontology development environments (Arprez et al., 2001). 2. Inferencing mechanisms for large ontologies have been developed and implemented (e.g. Horrocks, 1998), also to support ontology engineering (Bechhofer et al., 2001). 3. Finally, the need to achieve consensus about an ontology was re ected by collaborative environments (Tennison and Shadbolt, 1998; Domingue, 1998; Swartout et al., 1996; Farquhar et al., 1996) for ontology engineering.
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But the only way to keep high demand on the existing product is for the replacement product to fail, and the only way to get high demand on the new product is to cannibalize the existing product. So outcomes 1 and 4 are both impossible, and the correct distribution of outcomes looks more like Figure 13.3. By running the simulations separately, the product and marketing teams had not taken into account the interrelationships between the demands of the existing and new products. Had this dependency not been addressed, there would have been signi cant overstatement of upside demand, which in turn would have translated into unnecessary capital expenditures and shortfalls of expected revenues, says Kubica, who helped them create a model that took the interrelationships into account. The fth Mindle for grasping uncertainty is the notion of interrelationships like this one.
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Concept Selection CONOPS Use Cases User Needs Risk Mgmt Plan System/Seg Specs
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Sarah Skerik is the vice president of distribution services for PR Newswire. In this role, she is responsible for managing the core wire product, content syndication, media relations, customer reporting, and targeted distribution products. PR Newswire Association LLC ( provides electronic distribution, targeting, measurement, and broadcast/multimedia services on behalf of tens of thousands of corporate, government, association, labor, non-profit, and other customers worldwide. PR Newswire provides electronic distribution, targeting, measurement, translation, and broadcast services on behalf of tens of thousands of corporate, government, association, labor, non-profit, and other customers worldwide. Using PR Newswire, these organizations reach a variety of critical audiences including the news media, the investment community, government decision-makers, and the general public with up-to-the-minute, full-text news developments. Established in 1954, PR Newswire has offices in 11 countries and routinely sends its customers news to outlets in 135 countries and in 40 languages. Jerri: What are some of the misconceptions about public relations from an SEO perspective Skerik: First, let me put a finer point on my perspective. Public relations is not separate from SEO, it is a component of SEO. I m thinking about all of PR Newswire s clients, which range from large to tiny. The large companies do SEO really well, and the small companies do SEO really well. Where the missed opportunity lies is in those mid-range companies that are large enough to have silos between the marketing and public relations departments. Today, companies are spending a lot of time optimizing their sites. And in doing that, there are so many opportunities to really leverage press releases. But it requires a little shift in thinking. For example, about a month ago I was talking to a customer about SEO, and I was trying to understand their different departments and services. And what I found is that each person focuses on a different aspect of the company, but no one owned or took responsibility for the public. Traditionally, press releases have been focused on delivering a message, not on how that message can be connected to search as part of their marketing campaign. And for that to take place what really needs to happen is for organizations to develop an understanding of SEO across the organization. What keywords are relevant What landing pages are relevant All of this should be applied to press releases. These are more involved than just what sits in the marketing department, because at the end of the day, the message is across the organization. Search engines put a lot of emphasis on content. So it s important to look at press releases not just as press releases, but as content. For most organizations, content is a problem. That s one of the reasons that social media has become so popular. Blogs are a power indicator that there s fresh content here. And if a search engine sees that you ve got regularly updated, fresh content, then they ll return to index your site more often.
InfoPath 2003 uses the Internet Explorer security model as the basis for its security. This makes sense because an InfoPath form template can be downloaded from a web server or e-mailed to a user. Because those types of form delivery imply the possibility of malicious code being contained in a form template, InfoPath forms typically run in a cached location that does not have full access to system resources on the user s machine.
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2.3.3 Web Standards: XML and RDF
An attempt has been made to assess the recent trends in the role and position of XRS based on a literature survey (see also Injuk and Van Grieken, 2003) and partially on personal experience and views. For the literature assessment, which covered the period from January 1990 till the end of December 2000, a computer literature search on XRS was done in Chemical Abstracts, in order to exclude (partially) the large number of XRS publications on astronomy, etc.; still, it revealed an enormous number of publications. Figure 1.1.1 shows that the volume of the annual literature on XRS, cited in Chemical Abstracts, including all articles having X-ray spectrometry/spectroscopy in their title, is still growing enormously and exponentially. During the last decade, the number of publications on XRS in general has nearly doubled; in 2000, some 5000 articles were published, versus 120 annually some 30 years ago. As seen in Figure 1.1.2, XRS in general seems more alive than ever nowadays. However, the growth of the literature on specifically XRF is much less pronounced: from about 500 articles per year in 1990 to about 700 in 2000, still a growth of 40 % in the last decade. While in 1990 it looked like XRF had reached a state of saturation and consolidation, newer developments in the 1990s, e.g. the often-spectacular ones described in the other chapters of this volume, have somehow countered such fears. It is a fact that WDXRF remains the method of choice for direct accurate multi-element analysis in the worldwide mineral and metallurgy industry. For liquid samples, however, the competition of ICP-AES and ICP-MS remains formidable. It is striking that, while there are still many more WDXRF units in operation around the world than EDXRF instruments, the number of publications dealing with WDXRF is about ve times lower. This clearly re ects the predominant use of the more expensive WDXRF
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Yes. Before you begin the broadcast, open your e-mail program and start a new e-mail. When the dialog box showing the link appears, click Copy Link, and then paste it in the body of the e-mail and send it. You + to paste the link. can press
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