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While engaged in a project for Marine Midland Bank in the 1990s on the integration of technology employed by the bank, I found myself interviewing each member of the office of the chairman to determine how these powerful people used technology. None did, with the exception of my last interview, an executive vice president with a computer on his credenza, unprecedented at his level. You find it helpful I asked. Oh, I m a believer in advanced technology, he assured me. I asked for a demonstration of how he used it and, strangely, he pressed a button on his desk. I had never seen such a setup, until I realized that the button summoned his secretary, who had quickly entered the office. Edith, he said, show Mr. Weiss how we use the computer while I run along to my four o clock conference, would you
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Parameters for Mobility Calculations (Eq. 2.64)
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6: Working with Vista s Free Tools
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Python Command-Line Arguments
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FIGURE 10.13 Assigning the configuration of an inserted part
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Configuring the Logins
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Data Management is one of the most hotly debated topics in SolidWorks. However, little question exists that using a Product Data Management (PDM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system is the best way to go if you can afford it. PDM or PLM systems are beyond the scope of this book, but I will discuss manual file management techniques. Manual file management just means using Windows Explorer and any built-in functions in SolidWorks, such as SolidWorks Explorer. Managing SolidWorks files is not like managing AutoCAD or Microsoft Office files. The external references in SolidWorks need to be maintained, and so you can rename the files, but it has to be done in very specific ways. The most important rule is: Do not use Windows Explorer to rename your files. A secondary rule is that if you are creating assemblies of parts or drawings that reference parts or assemblies, you should not put revision levels in your filenames. Of course, the main reason to understand rules like this is so that you know how and when to break them. Both of these rules can be broken without harming your data, but only if you really know what you are doing. The beginning or casual user should adhere scrupulously to these rules. The best way to tell if you are a beginning or casual user is as follows: if you do not know why the two rules are so important, then the rules apply to you.
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DSN = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("DSN") SqlString = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("SqlString") It's quite simple now to include these key/value pairs and refer to them throughout your pages. Once it's changed, the application resets itself and immediately starts using the new key/value pairs.
FIGURE 11.33 Throughput of the CSMA/CA used in (a) IEEE 802.11a versus (b) TDMA/TDD used in HIPERLAN2 for data rates of 6-, 9-, 12-, 18-, 27-, 36-, and 54-Mb/s transmission rates.
Inside Scoop
AVT = VTO - VT = -Cie (1,, /1) + (k - 1)C 2 e- (Leff/2l)
Compare, for example, Neveu (1964). The weak(-star) topology in M is the weakest topology such that, for every bounded continuous function $, the map
Creating Drawings
Playing Music and Other Media
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In addition to standard LANs, there exist a number of nonstandard options. Some are proprietary standards that serve certain applications and vertical markets, such as the oil re ning industry described earlier. Others are more widely accepted speci cations, published by other than a recognized standards body, with ARCnet (Attached Resource Computer network) being a prime example. Developed in 1977 by Datapoint Corporation, ARCnet is a highly reliable, low-cost token bus system based on a physical star and logical ring and a character-oriented protocol. ARCnet supports data rates up to 2.5 Mbps and as many as 255 attached devices. More recent versions deliver 20 and 100 Mbps, although they have never been in great demand and are not widely available. ARCnet resembles but does not adhere to the IEEE 802.4 speci cation. RXnet was Novell s implementation of ARCnet. Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) is another good example of a nonstandard LAN protocol. As discussed earlier in this chapter, MAP was developed
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