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I have discussed simplified part configurations in 10, and they can consist of configs with cosmetic features such as small fillets and extruded text, or other cosmetic details that are suppressed. Assembly configurations can use different part configurations, which, for example, would enable you to make an assembly config called Simplified, and in it reference all the Simplified part configurations.
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FIGURE 17.38 Adding washers and nuts
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remind you when this task is due. Your options are None or On Date. If you select On Date, you can type in or select the task s reminder date in the same manner as the previous Calendar items. When your reminder date arrives, you are prompted with a pop-up window on your computer screen, alerting you that your task deadline is approaching.
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State management
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4: Exploring the Desktop
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FIGURE 7.11 Examples of end constraints
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nRj = 3 nR = 2 j
Modeling Multibodies
< include( ../library/includes.php ); $del = strip_tags($_POST[ id ]); $query = mysql_query( delete from games where id= .$del. ); if($query) { header( Location: ../games.php message=Game deleted! ); } else { header( Location: ../games.php message=Game not deleted! ); } >
button or the Shutter button to set the selected DRO. The A700 s default setting is to have the DRO turned on in all shooting modes.
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