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Figure 23-13: Windows Live Photos offers very simple photo slide shows.
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in a long undulator. The evolution of the radiation power emitted by the electron beam passing through the undulator is shown schematically in Figure 2.2.8. At the entrance region of the undulator, where the electron distribution is uniform in the bunch, spontaneous radiation dominates. The power increases linearly with the distance from the entrance, z. Note that the vertical axis is plotted using a logarithmic scale. In this region called lethargy regime, the incipient stage of SASE is in progress though the power level is much lower. The startup of SASE is thought to develop as follows. There are many electrons randomly distributed in a bunch and these electrons produce extremely short and randomly distributed electric eld spikes when they are transversely accelerated in the magnetic eld of an undulator. The frequency distribution of the noise power uctuates statistically, but if the long-term average is taken it will extend with a constant intensity to extremely high frequencies. Part of the noise within the bandwidth of the FEL gain, the center of which is located around the fundamental frequency of undulator radiation, is gradually ampli ed by
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Enhanced USB support
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(1 p + 2p cos2 ) S(x, Z) (6.1.11) where d T /d denotes the Thomson and d KN /d the Klein Nishina differential scattering crosssections (Hanson, 1986). F (x, Z) and S(x, Z) are the atomic form factor and the incoherent scattering function, respectively (Hubbell et al., 1975), 1 for an element with atomic number Z, x(A ) = sin( /2)E (keV)/12.39 is the momentum transfer of the photon and re is the classical electron radius.
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to the fact that one physical link (the T1 or E1 line) is carrying the traf c of 24 or 30 concurrent connections. With statistical assignment, fewer TSs are available than the number of line interfaces (M , N ) and further savings in facilities are achieved through concentration. The drawback is that blocking is possible in the case of unusually high traf c. Multiple E1/T1 lines may be used on one RLC/DLC interface for reliability or if the traf c warrants it. At the local exchange, the E1/Tl lines can be connected directly to a digital trunk interface, or to a demultiplexer that recreates the subscriber line interfaces as they would appear if the loops had gone all the way from the subscriber premises to the LE. The demultiplexer is known in North America as a central of ce terminal (COT Fig. 1.8-1(b)). Signaling is required between the concentrator and the LE or COT to handle DLC functions. In the past, each equipment supplier provided its own proprietary signaling protocols, and the COT was the only way to ensure that a DLC would interwork with any type of local exchange, regardless of the supplier. The situation started to change in the 1980s with standardization efforts to open the interface between DLC and LE and to eliminate the need for the COT. The new types of DLCs are known as access systems, a term that is associated with a standard digital trunk interface and a standard signaling protocol (Fig. 1.8-2). Signaling for access systems is described in 6. Access systems have led to a local exchange con guration where the LE retains the call control function for lines but has no physical line interfaces. All physical interfaces are standard TDM digital trunks and the physical interface to local loops is handled by
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f you haven t purchased Windows 7 yet or you d like to know whether or not it s worth upgrading from the version you do have to a more capable version this chapter is for you. Here, we ll explain the differences between the many Windows 7 product editions and help you pick the version that makes the most sense for you.
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1 gR (t, TB ) 2TB
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Part II: Working with Plugins
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with Friends and other players. This requires an Xbox 360 controller with an attached headset or any Windows-compatible microphone. Settings: In this submenu, you can configure your Voice options (playback and recording volume, plus access to sound hardware and a Mute Microphone option); Notifications (even more limited than on the 360: You can toggle Show Notifications and Play Sound only); and other features, such as the Guide key, which is set to the Home key by default. While there are two levels of the Xbox Live service, Microsoft no longer requires Games for Windows - LIVE users to subscribe to the higher-end (paid) Xbox Live Gold service in order to compete online against other players. Anyone who plays a Games for Windows - LIVE game title can access a single Gamertag with an associated Gamer Profile, Gamerscore, and Friends list, single-player game Achievements, private text and audio chat, and PC-only multiplayer gaming. You can also access features that Xbox gamers pay for, like TrueSkill Matchmaking for finding players online that better match your own abilities, multiplayer Achievements, and cross-platform game play. At this time, cross-platform game play, whereby an online match can mix and match PC and Xbox 360 gamers, is still limited to a rather lousy title called Shadowrun.
5. Open a sketch on the Right plane and use Figure 7.66 to add the correct relations and dimensions. Be aware that the two sketches shown are on different sketch planes, which makes it difficult to depict in 2D. You can also open the part from the CD-ROM for reference. 6. Exit the sketch and create a projected curve. The Projected Curve function is found at Insert Curve Projected Curve. Use the Sketch on Sketch option. 7. Open a 3D sketch. You can access a 3D sketch from the Insert menu. Select the helix and click Convert Entities on the Sketch toolbar. Then select the projected curve and click Convert Entities again. You now have two sections of a 3D sketch that are unconnected in space.
12: Building Efficient Assemblies
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