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Buick and we sell Buicks, you probably could use a new one Yes. (The salesman asks a rather obvious question and Mr. Jones, nodding, replies in the af rmative.) May I show you one of our latest models with improvements over the model you currently own Yes. (The salesman once again says the obvious to get a yes answer, and the harmony continues.) In short, you try to get the customer to nod his or her head in the af rmative and agree with you, or at least you make truthful statements that the prospect knows are correct and would concur with. Make sure that the prospect does not disagree with something you re saying. If for example the salesman said, Could you use a new Buick and the customer said No, the sale would have taken a bad turn right there and the harmony would have been lost. In a print ad, the reader would have stopped reading and turned the page. Harmony Is the Key The moment you get the reader to say No or even I really don t believe what he is saying or I don t think that relates to me, you ve lost the reader. But as long as the reader keeps saying yes or believes what you are saying is correct and continues to stay interested, you are going to be harmonizing with the reader and you and the reader will be walking down that path toward that beautiful room in the art gallery. To show you a speci c approach to this method, let s take an example from an ad I wrote for one of my seminar participants. Entitled Food Crunch, it offered dehydrated survival food. On occasion, when one of my students wrote a good ad that did not succeed, I would help him or her by either suggesting minor copy changes or sometimes rewriting the entire ad myself if I felt I had a better overall concept. The rst ad, by John Sauer, was written right after our major fuel crunch in 1973, when there were lines of cars at gas pumps that had little or no fuel to pump. The ad is shown on the next page with my ad above it. John chose the concept of insurance as the best approach in his ad. I felt that insurance put people to sleep.
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Distinguishing Views from Sheets
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'Adopted by International Committee on Weights and Measures. (Compound prefixes should not be used; e.g., not p'Libut p.)
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32x versus 64x systems
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TABLE 27.1
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Jasper: a JSP engine that processes the Java code contained in JSP files; it com-
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3: Unix Applications
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Ensure that the specified installation account has Administrative rights and that a domain account for the SQL Server services is specified.
When you open a new presentation, PowerPoint creates a blank title slide. To build your presentation, you can add as many slides as you like.
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9: Search Engine Optimization
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