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The Toolbar
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Insert a Slide from Another File
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Set Title : Sets the title on the session tab to easily identify it. Set Character Encoding: Selects the character set used to send and display
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Part V Business Intelligence
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Information Kiosk
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7.128 GHz, -6 dB
Modulation Formats
In January 2002, shortly after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft announced that it was working on software, then code-named Freestyle, that would extend the reach of Windows into the living room. Freestyle, which was eventually renamed to Windows XP Media Center Edition, was really just Windows XP Professional with the Media Center application and various Media Center related services added on top. Media Center, the application, was and is a user interface designed for use with a remote control (although it works fine with a mouse and keyboard too, and, in Windows 7, with touch screens). This is what Microsoft calls the ten-foot user interface (compared to the mouse and keyboard interface, which the company refers to as the two-foot user interface.) The original Media Center version included all of the basic features you ve come to associate with Media Center in the intervening years. It supported a simple menu-based user interface with options for recording TV, watching live TV, controlling cable set-top boxes via a so-called IR blaster, and enjoying digital media experiences like music, pictures, videos, and DVD movies (see Figure 15-1). Windows XP Media Center shipped as a special new version of Windows in October 2002 and was available only with select Media Center PCs, a new generation of media-capable computers that, it was hoped, consumers would purchase and use in their home theater setups. Not surprisingly, the software was well received by reviewers, but it didn t sell very well because Media Center PCs were relatively expensive, and setting up TV tuner cards to work with cable signals was (and, sadly, still can be) difficult. The second version of Windows XP Media Center Edition, code-named Harmony, shipped a year later as Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004. This version was also available only with new PCs and added support for FM radio tuner cards, online services, and functionality that Microsoft had previously left to the two-foot experience, like CD ripping. As you might expect, the product also included various UI and performance improvements as well.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has determined that the outside length of a page title should be no more than 64 characters. Search engines will vary in the size of title that s indexed. Using 64 characters or less is an accepted practice, however, that still leaves your page titles cut off in search engines that only index up to 40 or 50 characters. For this reason, staying at or below the 40-character length is a smarter strategy within your SEO efforts.
Outside Vendors
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If you have taken time to set up a computer and then need to reinstall SolidWorks, move to another computer, or duplicate the setup for another user, you need to copy out the files you have used or customized. By default, all these files are located in different folders within the SolidWorks installation directory. 2 deals with interface settings and creating a registry settings file to copy to other computers or use as a backup.
Across the river
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As mentioned earlier in the Ease of Access section, Windows Vista now makes it possible to use speech recognition software to work with your computer using your voice. Using commonly used applications, you can dictate documents or e-mails or even fill out forms. Speech recognition is part of the Section 508 legislation in the United States that required
Property Recovery Model Level* D Graphic Control Management Studio Code Option ALTER DATABASE <DB Name> SET RECOVERY {FULL | BULK_LOGGED | SIMPLE} ALTER DATABASE <DB Name> SET TORN_PAGE_DETECTION {ON | OFF} EXEC sp_configure media retention EXEC sp_configure recovery interval
The Applications section shows the application Firefox will launch when it detects various multimedia file types in web pages. For each multimedia file type, you can select from several options:
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