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The SOAP specification defines data type support in terms of XSD, the XML Schema specification. This specification defines standards for describing primitive data types, as well as complex, hierarchical structures. As you would expect, there's support for integers, strings, floats, and many other primitive types, as well as lists (or arrays) of these primitive types. In addition to primitive types, user-defined structures can be represented. This paves the way for describing complex, hierarchical data relationships such as those found in an invoice or purchase order. The bottom line here is that it's possible to describe any type of data using XSD. Thus, SOAP can support any data type, from the built-in primitives defined by XSD all the way to any arbitrary user-defined structure. This is one of the primary reasons that SOAP is the preferred protocol for exchanging Web Service request and response messages. It enables Web Services to accept as well as return any type of data that can be represented by an XSD schema. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) within .NET supports a wide variety of the common data types. All of these data types are shared equally across all of the .NET languages and also have a well-defined mapping to XSD data types, as shown in Table 46-1. Table 46-1: XSD Data Types vs. CLR Data Types XML Schema Definition boolean byte Common Language Runtime Boolean N/A
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Troubleshooting Resources
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activity on the Internet. This includes sending data to an unencrypted page, leaving an encrypted page to go to an unencrypted page, and visiting encrypted pages that use older encryption algorithms. Phishing (trying to obtain personal data by trickery) has become a huge problem on the Internet. It usually appears as a two-pronged attack. First, someone sends you an email message pretending to be from a bank or other trusted source. That email message includes a link that redirects you to a web site to verify your account information. The second prong in the attack is in the web site that the link takes you to. These web sites may look official, but they have nothing to do with the actual bank or trusted source you think they are. The anti-phishing settings in Firefox can detect and warn you when a web site attempts to disguise itself as a trusted web site.
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Windows 7 Enterprise is a special version of Windows 7 that is aimed at Microsoft s largest corporate customers. It is functionally identical to Windows 7 Ultimate, but there is one difference between the two products: whereas Windows 7 Ultimate is available at retail (both with new PCs and as stand-alone software), Windows 7 Enterprise is available only through Microsoft s corporate volume licensing subscription programs. Because of the unique way in which you must acquire this version, chances are good you won t be hunting around for Windows 7 Enterprise. That said, if you do get a PC from work with Windows 7 Enterprise on it, you re using the functional equivalent of Windows 7 Ultimate.
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System Utilities
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<p>This is the Panel Control.<br></p>
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Figure 17.1 Earl Masterson, self-educated electro-mechanical-optical engineer from Kokomo, Indiana, pioneer of magnetic tape recording for sound. He was the first to conceive and patent (RCA, 1950) the high-speed moving-head idea for videotape recording. RCA failed to take advantage of his invention.
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Active Directory Installation and Deployment
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45 X-Ray Ion chamber
Reordering Folders
New applications do not appear on-the-fly; you must re-open the Playback Devices window in order for it to appear. You can then set sound levels for an individual application.
Fillet Chamfer Draft Shell Flex
Seven choices are available from the Creative Styles menu screen, which is accessed from the Quick Navigation screen. Because 14 choices are available to ll the three switchable spots and each of the 14 are adjustable in ve different ways, this is the place to set up all those choices. The rst four Creative Style slots are preassigned and, while the items can t be changed, each item can be adjusted in three different ways. The multi-selector can be used to adjust the contrast, saturation, and sharpness of each style. The three assignable Creative Style slots can be set to any of the 14 styles, including the four that are already in the unswitchable slots. The styles that are assigned to these three slots can have their contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness, and zone matching adjusted. The B/W (black and white) and Sepia styles cannot have their saturation adjusted.
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