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There are a number of ways to sanitize a URL. The primary way is with the esc_url() function. This function takes one or two arguments. The first argument is the URL that needs to be sanitized. The second argument is an optional array of protocols such as ftp, http, or mailto. By default, and the most common usage, is to just set this argument to null. By doing so, it is assumed that all of the major protocols should be accepted: http, https, ftp, ftps, mailto, news, irc, gopher, nntp, feed, and telnet. If you aren t creating a URL for use in an HTML context, you will want to use esc_url_raw(). This avoids encoding ampersands as & for HTML validity. Use this function when you want to sanitize a URL for use in a redirect or for saving to a database (see Listing 17.3).
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BPSK 8 bits 2 &4 -3.5 X I 2 200 kHz
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Then, from an administrator account, you can configure Parental Controls. To do so, just type parental in Start Menu Search to locate and access the Parental Controls application (Figure 8-12). Then select the user to which you d like to add Parental Controls. You will see the User Controls dialog.
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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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Several third-party products can be used to grant ownership. Refer to www.pedestalsoftware.com and www.mks.com for details.
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Reference dimensions on the solid model
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Tag: comment_author_email() Description: Displays the comment author s e-mail address. Please be careful with this so as not to disclose someone else e-mail address to the general public. Returns: True or False Arguments: None
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options under the Save presentations heading. If desired, click the spinner ( ) to change the number of minutes between AutoRecover saves. Deselect the Save AutoRecover Information option to disable the automatic saving feature. AutoRecovery files are discarded when you close PowerPoint. Click this option to retain the last file if you close without saving the file. To change the default save location, type a new default file location.
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NPV Risk Opportunity of Project X 100 90 80 Probability of Exceeding (%) 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 100 0 100 200 300 NPV (millions) 400 500 600 10% chance NPV is greater than 250. Pos Neg Cumulative 72% chance NPV is greater than 0.
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85mm f/1.4. This is a Carl Zeiss
To overcome this narrow-line effect for TiSi 2 , numerous approaches have been 43 46 proposed: (1) using TiN capping, 42 (2) using preamorphization implant (PAI), (3) using a Mo implant before the TiSi 2 react, 47 ,48 and (4) using combination of Mo 49 and PAI implants. The TiN capping process is relatively simple: adding only TiN deposition and TiN strip steps to a regular TiSi 2 sequence. 42 The TiN capping can be applied at the first TiSi 2 reaction step, or at the second TiSi 2 anneal step, or both. The TiN capping is believed to enhance the thermal stability and increase the resistance to agglomeration for TiSi2 . The effectiveness of this TiN capping process has been 42 demonstrated on 0.35-pm technology. Using preamorphization implant (PAI) before Ti deposition to improve the narrow-line effect has been widely studied. 43- 46 As mentioned above, the larger the grain size of C49 phase TiSi 2, the more pronounced the narrow line effect due to lack of nucleation sites. On the other hand, the grain size of the C49 TiSi 2 is known to correlate with that of the underlying polysilicon. Therefore, by using a PAI implant, one can reduce the C49 grain size and thus improve the narrow line effect. Figure 10.16 shows an example of the gate sheet resistance of a PAI processed TiSi 2, compared to a conventional non-PAI processed case. However, there are several drawbacks of using PAI to improve the narrow-line effect of TiSi 2 salicide. Since the PAI is done right before the Ti deposition, the source-drain regions are also amorphized at the same time. This can lead to the following problems: (1) increase of RSD (particularly for p-MOS) and thus degradation of /dive, 45 (2) enhanced VT rolloff due to PAI induced boron transient 5 0 enhanced diffusion, 46 (3) degradation of n+ to n-well isolation also due to TED, 46 and (4) enhanced p-MOS GIDL leakage. Because of these issues, it is necessary to 45 carefully optimize the PAI condition.
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